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25 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

In today’s time, we have many search browsers. But, so far, Google browser chrome is most popular amongst all. Extensions are direct links to the various software. Digital marketers can use extensions as they help in optimizing the website. Additionally, users can reach the main function page of the software in just one click. 

Are you looking for user-friendly extensions for Google Chrome? Do you want to know more about popular extensions? What is the role of extensions for SEO? Refer to this article to get more illuminated about chrome extensions.

What is so special about Google Chrome?

Google has excelled from all other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. It is due to the variation of functionalities, namely: 

  1. Compatibility with different extensions.
  2. Automated form filling.
  3. Remember and autofill passwords.
  4. Easy and light user interface.

Many extensions companies have tied up with Google Chrome as it automatically updates the extensions and provides software support. 

What are the best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO?

Google supports hundreds of extensions. But, all are not important from an SEO point of view. Here is the list of Top 18 extensions:

# Keywords everywhere

Keywords are like the foundation of whole internet data. Keywords everywhere provide you with all types of keywords. Competitor gap analysis, full-fledged keyword research, trending keywords in the market, and most-searched keywords; it is the one-stop solution to all.

# Mangools SEO extension

Mangools SEO extension comes with an exciting SEO tool package like Site Monitoring, SERP and keyword lookups, and more. It allows you to track various parameters on the same platform, like backlinks and competitor keywords. 

# Moz Bar

Moz Bar is a plugin that covers every aspect of On-page SEO. Put any website in the search bar of Moz, and it will show essential SEO parameters like Domain Authority, Metadata, and Search Metrics. Its clean interface is like heaven for SEO freelancers and consultants.

# Growth Bar

Do you want to check SEO critical points? GrowthBar is the best solution. Let it be best-performing keywords, backlink data, keyword competition, or social media ads that influence the website. 

# SEO Quake 

SEMRush tool takes care of on-page optimization. Talk about anything! Technical SEO metrics, analyzing page authority, or adding appropriate content. SEO quake is a simple-to-use extension. It even helps you in finding matching keywords, backlinks and creating meta descriptions. 

# Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a comprehensive tool for keyword research. You need not leave SERP for getting all the keyword data. It allows you to export your information into CSV and see what others are searching in that topic.

# Similar Web

Every website business owner wants traffic. And Similar Web plugin will ease your efforts in achieving genuine traffic along with revenue. You can look at the traffic of the specified period as well as bounce rate, visitors from which countries, traffic from social media, and referral sources.

# Woorank

Woorank is a complete website analysis tool. You can form your SEO and digital marketing strategy for Mobile and Local SEO with this extension. It is highly beneficial for web developers to get tips for improving website ranking.

# SEO minion

SEO minion is the tool that can work wonders for your on-page SEO. Finding heading tags, image alt text, dead links, schema, canonical tags are super-helpful with this extension. You need to open any other plugin or search the browser to get more information.

# Surfer

Do you want to optimize your content? Surfer will lead your way to content marketing, writing beautiful blogs, articles, and other writing stuff. It will tell you optimal words for headings, paragraphs, introduction, and even alt text. 

# Google Lighthouse

Do you want to increase the performance of your URL? You can easily access Google Lighthouse free extension. It will audit your website’s URL and develops a list of parameters to improve the website’s efficiency. 

# AMP Validator

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the need of time. No website can survive without adhering to Mobile-friendliness. AMP Validator checks all the web pages of your website, whether they are accelerated or not. Furthermore, it sends the report to the user.

# Google Page Analytics

SEO experts can’t escape from Google page analytics chrome extension. Website owners can significantly improve their website effectiveness with this tool. You can get insights on critical web page parameters like unique page views, average time spent by users, and the latest traffic stats.

# Hunter

Do you build your email marketing campaigns? Hunter is the best plugin for that purpose. It will help you in finding email ids on any website you visit. Not only this, it displays a person’s name, job designation, social media information, and contact number.

# Wappalyzer

Let’s suppose you visited a website and like it so much. Then, you want to know CMS they used. It is a highly recommended tool for website developers to get instant information about the latest technologies in the market.

# Link Miner

Link Miner is a fantastic tool if you want to build backlinks on your website. It will give you a list of rot links and social data on any link on the web page. The best part is that it converts your link information into a CSV file as well. 

# BuzzSumo

Are you looking for a complete content management tool? Buzzsumo is the best choice! It shows all the engagements on social media and its popularity on the internet on any topic. If you want to create a flawless piece of content, it will help you immensely. 

#Link Redirect Trace

Last but not least, Link Redirect Trace is most helpful in tracking your URL details. It generates a list of unnecessary redirects and redirects due to coding errors. You can get all details about URLs, whether they are crawlable, indexable, or of no use.


Google chrome comes with many extensions that can solve your SEO problems in no time. Let it be your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content development, improving the website’s performance; you can install different extensions as per requirements. So, which one of the plugins are you starting from?

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