46 Free Image Sharing Websites – How To Learn SEO

This guide includes a list of image submission sites.

In total, you will find 46 image submission websites that you can use for off-page search engine optimization (SEO) for digital marketing with photos, infographics and artwork to build quality backlinks to be more targeted to your business. To drive website traffic.

This page is divided into two sections: the first part covers the top 25 image sharing sites based on domain authority, trust, and audience reach, and the second part lists 21 more free image sharing sites that you can use on your website. Can do for digital marketing and SEO campaigns. , Creating a total of 46 websites in this image submission list.

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What is Image Submission?

Image submission is the process of submitting your images to third-party sites to promote online visibility. Image submission is a type of off-page SEO activity that builds backlinks and gets referral traffic to a website to help improve its ranking position in search engine result pages (SERPs).

There are three main types of photo sharing sites you can use for SEO:

  • Dofollow Image Sharing Sites: These websites allow you to upload an infographic, photo or artwork and add a hyperlink to the image to create a DoFollow backlink to your site.
  • Image Hosting Sites: These websites let you upload an image and then add a backlink to your site in its description.
  • Copyright-free image submission sites: These websites are used to share your images publicly to others for free and often without charge. You generally cannot add a hyperlink to the image or description; However, you can add a backlink to your website in your personal profile.
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Top Image Submission Sites

List of free image submission sites

More Free Image Submission Sites

Here is a list of more free image submission sites that you can use to add your infographics, photos and images to third party websites in order to build backlinks and get more traffic to your website. -Page SEO to be possible:

  1. pixels.com
  2. freeimages.com
  3. visualhunt.com
  4. behance.net
  5. revuwire.com
  6. infographicplaza.com
  7. dailyinfographic.com
  8. visualattic.com
  9. Galleryr.org
  10. slideshare.net
  11. lkrllc.com
  12. weheartit.com
  13. tinypic.com
  14. imageshack.com
  15. photobucket.com
  16. burst.shopify.com
  17. Foodiesfeed.com
  18. freestocks.org
  19. skaterphoto.com
  20. lifeofpix.com
  21. Shutterfly.com (Use the free image sharing site feature)

Which is the best image submission website?

The website with the best image rendering is Flickr, followed by 500px and MorgueFile. These image rendering websites have a high domain authority, established trust and a large audience.

Below is a general overview of the top 10 image serving sites for SEO and link building purposes. If you want to know more about the other 15 best image sharing sites listed in the table above, scroll back up and click on those links. There are a total of 46 websites listed on this page that you can use for search engine optimization to rank higher and generate more traffic for your website.

1. Flickr

flickr There are top image rendering sites on the internet. It is free to use and has a high domain authority of 90 for SEO. The best way to use Flickr for photo sharing to get backlinks is to add a link to your website in each image description as well as request the image to be used for free for photo credits. Many bloggers and website owners will comply with this request by citing a link to your website as the photo source.

2. 500px

500px The next best is the image presenting website with a high domain authority. Similar to Flickr, you can add website backlinks to the image description.

3. Morgue File

Our image submission site is next on the list morgue file, This is a free photo collection that you can sign up for, add your own images, and use for SEO link building purposes.

Download SEO Keyword Research CheatsheetDownload SEO Keyword Research Cheatsheet

4. Pinterest

Pinterest Each ranks high on the list of image sharing sites because it is the classic social network for posting all kinds of photos, infographics and images. Every image you upload to Pinterest includes a hyperlink back to your website URL. Check out these related guides on Pinterest backlinks for SEO and set up a Pinterest SEO strategy.

5. Pixabay

Pixabay One of the most popular free image submission sites for those who want to share their images with the world at no charge. This is also a good site to use for brand exposure, as well as a backlink to your website on your profile page. You can add images and vectors to this site.

6. Unsplash

unsplash Next on our image submission list is because it is very similar to Pixabay. However, Unsplash is primarily for adding pictures; not vector images. So keep this in mind when you are using this image sharing site.

7. Fotokio

photo One of the best image submission sites on the web is easy to register for, upload photos, and create a backlink to your website on your “About Me” page.

8. Exposure

contagion One of the most professional image sharing sites for SEO. It is a modern publishing platform for visual storytellers with several paid subscription plans. You can use it to create your own image portfolio and link back to your website.


imgbb is a free image hosting service and one of the most popular image rendering sites for SEO.

10. Tumblr

Tumblr Is a microblogging site that allows you to add backlinks to your site as well as share photos and images.

Now, if you want to build even higher quality backlinks to your site using other types of submission sites, check out these other pages: Article Submission Website, Blog Submission Website, Directory Submission Website, Infographic Submission Website, PDF Submission Website, PPT Submission Websites, and Video Submission Websites.

Summary of image submission websites

image submission site summary

I hope you liked this list of image rendering sites.

As you found out, there are many free image rendering websites that you can use for your business and especially many sites are considered to be the top image sharing sites for SEO link building. Simply choose the websites of your choice from this list to help improve off-page SEO signals for your site through backlinks to get higher rankings and more targeted SEO traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Pick and choose (or use them all). Bing.

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