50 Free Local Business Directories – How To Learn SEO

This guide includes a list of business listing sites.

In total, you will find 50 business listing websites that you can use for digital marketing to generate quality backlinks for local search engine optimization (SEO) and to drive more targeted website traffic to your business.

This page is split into two sections: the first part covers the top 25 local business directories based on domain authority, trust, and audience reach, and the second part lists 25 more free business listing sites you can use for your digital marketing and SEO. Can do campaigns. , Creating 50 websites in total in this business directory listing.

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What is business listing?

A business listing is an online summary of a business that includes important information such as company name, address, phone number, website address, map listing, hours of operation, etc. Business listings appear in online business directories that list companies by a particular niche, location, or category.

Another important aspect of business listings is that online profiles can rank themselves in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for local SEO keywords. This helps improve your business’s brand awareness, control more real estate in search engine result pages (SERPs), and drive more website traffic from users interested in your products and services.

business listing sites

Top Business Listing Sites

Free Business Directories

More Free Business Directories

Here’s a list of more free business listing sites for you to add company information to third-party websites to drive customer awareness, local SEO, and more traffic to your website:

  • botw.org
  • callupcontact.com
  • n49.com
  • directory.justlanded.com
  • Citylocalpro.com
  • fyple.com
  • myhuckleberry.com
  • usdirectory.com
  • business.instagram.com
  • lacartes.com/business
  • tuugo.us/AddYourBusiness
  • dandb.com/businessdirectory/
  • spoke.com/companies/new
  • facebook.com/business/pages
  • neustarlocaleze.biz/directory/us/
  • ibegin.com/business-center/submit/
  • ebusinesspages.com/AddCompany.aspx
  • golocal247.com/claim/business/free
  • hub.biz/business_registration/
  • cybo.com/add-business/
  • service.opendi.us/listings
  • yellow.place/n/submit
  • bizhwy.com/addlisting.php
  • finduslocal.com/profile/addbusiness/
  • Expressbusinessdirectory.com/AddYourBusiness.aspx
Best Business Listing Websites

What is the Best Business Listing Website?

The best business listing website is Crunchbase, followed by Google Business and Bing Places. These business listing websites have instant approval, high domain authority, and a large audience to drive customers to your business.

Below is a general overview of the top 10 free business directories you can use to submit your company information. If you want to learn more about the other 15 best business directory sites listed in the table above, scroll back up and click on those links. There are a total of 50 websites listed on this page that you can use to generate local business citations, link building for SEO, and generate more traffic to your website.

1. CrunchBase

crunches There are top business listing sites that you can use to market and promote your company online for free. It is the leading destination for company insights for businesses of all sizes: startups, small businesses and enterprises. In addition to your website URL, you can add founder information, board members, events, press, and more.

2. Google Business

google business Next is the best business listing website that you can use for SEO purposes and to attract local customers. You’ll need a physical address, which can be a home address or office location, to connect to your Google Business Profile. After you set up a free account, you’ll receive a high-quality backlink, increasing your site’s visibility in the SERPs for relevant local search terms. See this related Google My Business optimization checklist for tips on improving your business profile listing for SEO.

3. Bing Locations

Next on this business directory list binge space Which is similar to Google Business. However, your listing will be on Microsoft Bing’s search engine. Bing Places is an online directory for local business owners to get their website and location details listing on the Internet for free.

4. LinkedIn

linkedin Allows you to create a company page that can index and rank in search engines for relevant queries. This makes it a good directory for local, national and global businesses that want to gain new customers through organic search on the Internet. In addition, by having an active LinkedIn company page, you can attract professionals from the LinkedIn network to your business. Check out these related guides on LinkedIn SEO and LinkedIn backlink building to learn how to use this platform to the fullest.

Get SEO Quick Wins Guide

5. HubSpot Directory

HubSpot Directory There is another good free business directory to use for online marketing and promotion. However, your business listing needs to be related to marketing, such as an agency, online sales consultant, digital service provider, etc. HubSpot has 44,000+ customers in 100+ countries, making it one of the top directories online for digital marketing experts.

6. Yelpie

bark Considered one of the most popular local business directories to find local companies ranging from Bars to Restaurants, Cafes, Hairdressers, Automotive Repair, Physicians etc. Yelp listings are a great way to share the most important information about your business, while also being used for off-page SEO purposes. This business listing website has a high domain authority and is ranked high in search engines for millions of local, national and global SEO keywords. And if your site is listed, you can potentially get some of that free search engine traffic.

7. MerchantCircle

merchant circle Top local directory listing of its kind. Instead of having just one place to list your business name, address, location, website URL, etc., you can also interact with 2 million other business owners as it is a social network for business owners. Plus, more than 100 million consumers visit MerchantCircle each year, making it an important site for listing your business.

8. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau Marketplace is known as the best business directory website on the Internet to build trust. This non-profit organization helps grade companies based on consumer reviews and reputation. Claiming a free business listing on the BBB website will add an extra layer of credibility to your company, as well as a high-quality backlink to your site for off-page search engine optimization.

9. Hotfrog

hotfrog There is a free business listing website that can help you get more leads and traffic from potential customers. This online marketing platform is quick and easy to use. Plus, you get a dofollow backlink that passes the highest PageRank value to SEO.

10. local.com

as the name suggests, Local.com Provides a list of local listing sites to help searchers find specific types of businesses in their local area. You can claim your listing by registering for a new account and then get a high quality DoFollow backlink on your company profile page.

Now, if you want to make sure that your business website is properly crawled and indexed in search engines, take a look at this other free web submission sites list. It contains top website submission forms that you can use for online promotion. You can also visit this general directory submission site page for more free directories to add to your business website.

In addition to listing your company information on business directories for SEO, you can also use these other listings to market and promote your company online:

Local Business Directory Checklist

Business Directory Optimization Checklist

The following checklist can help you make the most of your business listing on directories and local quote websites. By following these guidelines, you can improve your business’s local search optimization so that the website ranks higher in search engines and

  • Use NAP consistently: Make sure you are using the exact same business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on each listing and directory.
  • Include a website link: Backlinks to your site’s homepage are essential for driving traffic to your business and improving the domain authority (or domain rating) score for your website for local SEO rankings.
  • Add a keyword-optimized description: In addition to sharing your organization’s mission, culture, and values, you should also add relevant keywords to the copy to help improve relevance signals for local searches. See this related guide on How to Add Keywords to Google My Business for ideas on how to do it well on any directory.
  • Upload images and videos: Business listings with visual media are more attractive to customers and usually have higher conversion rates. Use pictures and videos to inform people about your office, employees and daily tasks.
  • Encourage customer reviews: Business profiles with online reviews rank higher in search engines for local keywords. Therefore, you should encourage customers to leave reviews of your business on various directories when responding to those reviews.

Business Listing Site and Directory Summary

I hope you liked this list of business listing sites.

As you found out, there are many free business directories that you can use for your company and many sites in particular are considered to be the top websites for local citations and SEO link building. Simply pick and choose the business listing websites you like from this list to help improve brand awareness, control more SERP real estate, and get more targeted SEO traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing (or use all of them).

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