SEO Campaign is Failing

6 Possible Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign is Failing

SEO Campaign is essential for your business. However, now making a website and putting some content is not enough. 

Google is constantly updating its SEO algorithms. If you are not updating your website accordingly, you may face website low-performance issues.

As a result, your web pages will not rank on the search engine result page and make your SEO campaign ineffective.

Why your SEO campaign does not give you a fascinating result

There are limitless possibilities that your SEO campaign is not working up to the mark. Here we consider a total of six inevitable factors that seriously affect a website’s SEO health.

Do Marketers Fail Fast Or Win Safe With SEO?

#1. Your website has no relevant or poor content.

If your website is deprived of valuable content, you will face a high bounce rate, directly harming your website SEO score.

In addition, having poor quality content on your website reduces the total traffic (organic and social media). The traffic of your website is determined by the readership percentage of your target audience.

Now the audience finds quality content in a website that will quench the thirst for their queries. But if your content is not enriched with quality information and personal experience, they will move to another website.

It is the main reason for the high bounce rate. So, keep your website consumable and worth reading. Optimize your website with long-tail keywords, add FAQ’s and try to resolve audience queries through your content.

Make your content more engaging with video, images, infographics, PPT, and many more.

People don’t love to read boring text-based content, so adding picture and infographic make them easy to consume the written information and audience gradually feel interested over your website.

In addition, it would help if you remembered that retention of content in your website improves overall SEO health.

#2. Incompetent web hosting

Your hosting provider plays a crucial role in managing the search engine performance of a particular website. Therefore, if you are not picking up reliable and competent web hosting for your website, you are killing your SEO performance.

So, we would suggest you choose the right web host and trust an authentic provider to make the future of your website secured. Therefore, make sure you research the best web hosts available in the market before final purchase. 

#3. Having wrong link profile

The link is a gateway of your website, so your website’s link profile is a crucial determinant factor of your website performance amidst all the Google algorithm up-gradation.

Therefore, following the rules will assist your website SEO campaign to perform better without harming the website’s health.

To make the correct website link profile, set hyperlinks that attract users to your web pages and landing pages. Work on link building; it will help you to earn backlinks from authoritative websites. 

A backlink from the branded and popular website makes your site trustworthy and fail-proof. But be alert that you are not purchasing backlinks for free.

Google immediately catches up with your strategy and penalizes the website; consequently, your website’s SEO health deteriorates. Guest posting is the best option to get high-quality backlinks.

So, you can write a high-quality article for authentic websites to get backlinks that would be authentic and give the long-run result.

#4. Not following modern google algorithm updates.

Many digital markets, SEO experts, and website designers are often left confused at the number of Google algorithm updates and unable to follow these algorithm rules.

The result affects the website’s entire SEO health, which leads to the falling of the SEO campaign.

Google algorithm continuously changing its algorithm, and you can’t ignore that fact. If you do not concentrate on this, you may face website performance issues.

SEO is a crucial part of your website. If you do not optimize your website according to major Google algorithm updates, you may face performance issues and directly affect website SEO health.

#5. Over-optimization of anchor text

Now exact-match keyword as anchor text is an ancient technique. Additionally, after the Penguin algorithm update, applying a high number of exact-match keywords as anchor text would potentially harm the Search engine optimization result of your business website.  

However, Google has not revealed the ideal volume of exact-match keywords for a website. But experience SEO executives suggest that you should limit them to 50% of all your links on the website

#6. High bounce rate

If your website analytics shows a high bounce rate, that is an essential reason that your SEO campaign fails to leverage its potential. Google Analytics is the best tool to show your page matrix, such as total volume, bounce rate, unique audience, repetitive audience.

If your website faces some technical issues, slow loading of webpages, not unique content, enhances the bounce rate, affecting the SEO campaign performance.

To avoid all these issues, you can choose a trusted SEO Services IndiaAn experienced SEO expert will guide you from scratch.

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