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Tips To Use SEO To Build Your Brand

Search engine optimization is your friend in more than one ways. It should not be an afterthought .You should focus on an SEO strategy before building a website . It is more of a foundational thing as opposed to the general perception.

How is SEO imperative to your success? Because it helps to rank you higher on search results page and increases your brand awareness. The role of SEO has changed over years because of the continuously evolving algorithms of search engines.

There was a time when mentioning your website name for a lot of times was enough. These days you need a much more savvy strategy to be successful. The most important thing is that the efforts needs to be consistent.

In the noisy competition of brands, it is difficult to build your brand awareness. SEO is a tried and tested way to increase the brand awareness.

8 top tips and SEO trends of 2020

Here are 8 top tips and SEO trends of 2020.

1. Link Building Strategy

Link building is not as easy as it sounds. There is no denying that fact. But it is a reliable way to improve your brand awareness. Here is how to it helps. The total number of referring domains linking to a page is associated with higher SERP more than any other factor.

It is obvious that the higher you appear on searched the more searchers will know about you. The perk of SEO is that your company name is presented to the customers when they are just looking for businesses like you. It is all about identifying the micro-moments.

2. Optimize Keyword Phrases

It is more like stating the obvious but one can’t do well without it. Optimizing keyword phrases increase your chances to appear in the organic results pages. Customers trust organic results and it cost you almost nothing to appear there. High rankings are social proofs of credibility.

It is no  secret that competition is pretty high on shorter keywords. It is easy to be successful when you focus on long tail keywords. The longer phrases have 3-5% higher click rate than generic phrases. The coming years are going to be about voice searches so make sure SEO strategy does not leave out this important consideration.

3. Use Social Media For Your Advantage

Nothing is as great as social media when it comes to social media marketing. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn have billions of users. It is like an open field which can be effectively used to present your business in the best possible manner.

Social media platforms are interactive so it is an effective tool for communicating and  building one-to-one relationships with your customers. Make sure your social media posts and relevant and useful for your customers.

 Search engines also crawl over the relevant social media pages. It is essential to remember that you will not see results overnight. You need to be in it for longer run.

4. Bring All Channels To Your Use

SEO experts press the importance of using every possible channel to your use. It increases your chances and promotes your brands. List your business on reliable Free listing directories as citylocal 101.

Publishing content across various platforms may not be giving direct results at first. The indirect impact is strong but takes time. Take your time to build communities around your content so that your efforts don’t go futile. The more people see your posts, the more they will know about your brand.

 These channels are very helpful in regulating your marketing budget as you will be relying less and less on paid ads.

5. Focus On Top Of The Funnel Content

Content is king. This might seem a redundant statement for business owners. It is one of the most popular ideas but is not going to get old or pointless. Focus on the content of your websites as well as the top of the funnel content on internet.

Search for the best performing articles of your niche. What makes that article great? Dive deep and find out the key points. Build content around those ideas but aim for 10 times better content. This is also known as skyscraper technique. The best performing content can take you to the top tier earlier than you expected.

6. Create The Right Type Of Content

You may create the best content for your website and there are chances of it failing. This comes as a surprise for most business owners. Creating the right type of content is imperative to your success.

Focus on the questions your customers are asking, things they are interested in and build content around it. Search intent classifications can be very helpful in creating the right kind of content. Ahrefs is an SEO tool that extended set of really cool features to help you reach your goals.

7. Add Visual Content

Posts that use visual content attract 94% more users as compared to the ones that do not. These simple stats are enough to convince you to use the visual content. Most of the successful companies are already using it and it is performing really well.

 If you want to reap the rewards, use high quality images and don’t forget to get the technical help. Embedding the images with the right codes can greatly help you with SEO and brand awareness. Visual content is super useful in creating tons of back links.

8. Track Your Progress

If you use all of the above mentioned tips for your use, you are bound to see an improvement in your brand awareness. But there is no single right answer when it comes to building a brand. You need to track your progress and make the necessary changes to be relevant. Fortunately tracking your progress is quite easy with analytics tools. Google Console is one of  the most popular analytics tool.

The Final Word

Products are created in factories but brands are created in the minds of people. Use this SEO checklist to adapt and adjust your strategy to get the best results.

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