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Okay, You just need to start from your own website, and I can explain why you need to have it because I see all the time when new beginners learn a lot, get new certificates, visit some courses, and they do nothing. 

It doesn’t work like this because theory brings some knowledge that might not work for your project. It’s essential to act and to use everything that you’ve learned. 

For example, I had this mistake as well when I learned a lot, but I didn’t provide what I’ve learned. And in a few weeks, I forgot over 95% of gained knowledge. It doesn’t matter what niche you learn, where you want to develop your skills, just act. 

It’s essential and more important than just learning. That’s why I have my website. You need to create your own website. It doesn’t cost a lot. just register some domain and provide everything that you learn. 

And yeah, you wanna start from your website, and of course, from social media, you can choose one social media. You can use Facebook, Instagram. But if you want to be a great marketer, it’s essential to have LinkedIn or Twitter or something like this, just choose one direction. I prefer LinkedIn because of the level of engagement. 

And why you should start from your website and your social media account, because you need to share all your knowledge on social media. 

And the second thing, you need to act and test everything that you’ve learned. 

The second tip is to read a lot of blog posts. Don’t try to read everything. It’s impossible to cover a lot of blog posts. How you can find them? Just simple. Type on Google ‘best marketing blogs’ for example, and you get a lot of lists of blog posts and just read some information that is interesting for you. 

When you read something, think how you can provide. Don’t try to read four or eight hours a day. Just read one hour and think four hours how you can provide it. 

Use the Principle of Pareto

The first thing that you need to do, just type on Google your direction where you want to grow. For example, you can be an SEO expert everywhere. Choose one direction; link building, content creation, technical optimization, it’s up to you. 

For example, if you want to develop yourself in outreach, just type ‘outreach guide’, and you will get a lot of guides from awesome resources. Just read them. You don’t need to pay for any online courses, just take for free all these guides and read them. 

I usually read over 100 articles with one topic, and it helps me to learn a lot. Even if I read the same information all the time, it helps to remember much better when you read the same similar content. 

For example, if you have no clients, if you start from scratch, you can start from your website. Just register, create some website, and provide everything that you’ve learned. 

My next tip is to watch a lot of YouTube channels. I love YouTube, I submit content here, and I also watch other YouTube channels. And if I see some awesome and interesting content, I watch them.

You know, I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube, just 30 minutes a day. It’s enough to find some interesting video to watch it. 

You can watch more, especially if you start from scratch to get some information. Because on YouTube, you can see on the visible screen how it works. 

My next tip is to use audio podcasts, and I listen to them all the time. There are many application. Everything that you need to do, just to listen to them, find some audio podcasts. 

You can use search bar in applications, you can type on Google ‘the best audio podcasts’, and just find and add them to your audio podcast and listen to them. 

I love this format because I can train 45 minutes a day to listen to audio podcast. If I drive somewhere, I can listen to audio podcast. 

It saves my time, and even it helps when your eyes are tired, you can listen to audio podcasts. a great format. 

I definitely recommend to use it. And everything that you’ve learnt, you need to act and provide. You might fail in the first time, in the beginning when you provide a new technique, because it takes time to learn, to fix, to analyze. 

That’s why I usually recommend to all marketers to don’t give up at the beginning, because nobody knows what works, especially if something works for someone, it doesn’t mean it works everywhere. What you need to do, just to provide and think, “It works for me or not? 

I don’t know. I’ll just test it.” I love testing. And in SEO, it takes a few months to provide a great testing. For example, if you want to provide outreach, what you need to do, just to write a lot of personalized emails to other bloggers and think what type of content you need to share with them to get links. 

Because for example, when I started, I wasted a lot of time with outreach because I thought if I sent them better content than they link to others, yeah, it’s enough to get links. But no, it’s not always the case. 

You should provide some linkable and interesting to them. Okay guys, ask me any questions in the comment sections. I will reply to all of them. If you wanna be a great marketer, start learning and acting. 

I usually divide 20% for learning and 80% for acting. You can use your ratio, but you should understand just learning, it’s not enough. It’s essential to act more.

Okay guys, nice to see you. Please like this article. Share with your friends. Comment below. I reply to all your questions. For more such articles visit BlogApk.

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