Basic SEO Tips

Basic SEO Tips for Small Business to Drive Traffic

Basic SEO Tips – Business owners spend huge amounts of money on designing their sites, but they fail at optimizing their websites according to google rules. As of now, there are many content and business sites available on their internet competing with each other. And users usually click those links that are shown on the first page of google.

Therefore it’s getting harder to drive traffic on the sites that rank on the 2nd and 3rd page of google.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t drive organic traffic to your site. To help you out, I have listed some of the best tips and tricks that you can make use of. 

So without wasting much time, scroll down to read more. 

List of basic SEO tips for small business to drive traffic

Basic SEO Tips

Here are some SEO ways you can utilize to boost your small business’s Traffic.

#1. Be Active on social media

One of the best and organic ways to drive traffic to your desired business page is through social media platforms. As now a days, people use social media platforms more to connect with brands and influencers. So establish your social media presence and update your profiles with all the relevant links and information. 

Because the more authentic and genuine the profiles are the more visitors you’ll get on your company’s social media account and website. Plus this will also help you in ranking of the profiles on the search engine. Some of the best social media that you can use are as followings:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Reddit

5. Quora

6. Medium

7. Tumblr

8. Digg, etc.

#2. Search for the right keyword

A keyword is a set of words Google needs to search the content. Make use of proper keywords in your website content. A keyword is useless if it is not related to your business.

You can use many keyword tools, such as Google keyword planner or keyword tool, to find out the related keywords that have the intensity to increase clicks and searches. As a result, you will have a good chance of getting traffic right onto your website.

#3. Do not overstuff the keywords

Keywords are good but using them wisely makes the best SEO practice. Do not overcrowd your content with keywords. More keywords do not mean more traffic, but this can make your content weak, and hence search engines will not justify it to be an original piece. 

Use secondary keywords to support your content and the primary keyword to enhance your business’s optimization through the search engine. 

#4. Use Meta description and title

The description you see beneath a search suggestion with a blue title on top is the Meta description and Meta title, which google highlights against your search.

Make sure to write an engaging piece of content for the description of your business and try to incorporate keywords subtly. For better results, you can consider using the Meta Description writer from Google or any preferred tool to maximize the traffic reach.

#5. Build up business on different platforms

Using Seo to build up traffic from different sources is undoubtedly a satisfactory way of diverting massive traffic. That is why many big brands have a robust online presence on many social media platforms. You should also prefer expanding your brand on different media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to widen reach.

Keeping this in context, you should regularly update the content on these platforms. Also, try engaging with different people through comments and discussion forms available on these platforms for authentic Seo build up.

#6. Make use of mobile traffic

According to a report from Hitwise, almost 60% of searches are done through mobile phones. Thus, opting for a mobile version of your website is an excellent way of generating adequate traffic.

You can use many online website builders such as Wix, Squarespace and Shopify to build an essential consumer-friendly mobile website. 

Ensure to have the same content, Meta descriptions, videos and images for both versions for a successful SEO business model as recommended by Google. 

#7. Make your website user-friendly

Have you noticed how big retailers assure to provide the audience with an easily accessible and user-friendly website? Why because readers and visitors prefer websites that are easy to handle.

It is better to include headings and images with easy descriptions to improve readability, blend keywords in titles for incredible results. Moreover, optimize the site speed for better customer retention.

#8. Get along with blogs

Blogs are a great way to generate traffic. Write sufficient blogs with original and engaging content and internal links to increase reachability. Furthermore, you can also invite guests and other small business professionals for guest posting on your websites by featuring their idea or bran. This will attract more and different customers and be a valuable part of SEO building.

#9. Interview Famous people and business persons

I know that this can be tricky but not impossible. Try requesting the prime names through official emails for the interview to share their experience. You can then post their discussion on your blog to increase the credibility and originality of your business. 

Furthermore, the people who are related or eager to follow them will probably land on your site, making it more reachable.

#10. Take benefit of Local SEO

Google will automatically show search results that are near to your location based on the modern SEO algorithm. Also, your business will get most of the success from the locality as this mainly implies to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Include the local address and geographic details in your website and the content to exhilarate traffic using local SEO. For making it more prominent, creating a listing in Google my business will ensure a more significant impact on diverting natural traffic to your site by prioritizing it among the search page. 

#11. Be responsive

If you have a review or discussion section on your site, be responsive to the customer query to improve SEO. If possible, encourage customers to write their experience about your brand for better credibility and explicit content.

#12. SEO audit

Keep measuring your SEO performance regularly. For this, you can take benefit of Google Analytics and Moz to keep your audit free of cost. 

By using these tools, you can track visitors’ demographics and interests, landing page traffic and can also track the conversion rate to better understand the overall SEO scenario. From this, you will be able to make strategies that will ultimately boost your web traffic.

#13.  Try to be more patient 

Organic SEO takes time to develop. It usually takes a few months to move towards high ranking.

Also, the dynamics of SEO is changing rapidly. Therefore, update the content and related features regularly for justifying and promising results.

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