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Beginners guide to embed excel file into the website

The Microsoft Excel is used to create and manage tabular data, live data, or the relevant functions. Today, billions of users use this spreadsheet application to manage data and operate it.

But, when it comes to displaying or embedding Excel sheets into web pages, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, we brought these beginners ‘ guides on how to embed excel sheets into the web pages.

Read it carefully and know about how to embed the spreadsheet into web pages. There are plenty of ways to embed the spreadsheet on the website. So, stay tuned to know the tutorial guide for accomplishing this task.

Different ways to embed excel files into web pages

Opt for online resources

There are plenty of customized online tools and online websites which help users to create an HTML table. Furthermore, it allows users to include the relevant data and later copy the resultant table to the text editing tools.

Thereby, excel sheets are successfully embedded into the web pages. Here, we suggest Google for online resources for beginners, and they will get plenty of options.

For instance,, where users can create a confidential gist and customize the excel table without using HTML tags. Also, it does not require any registered account like WordPress.

However, many users do not know how to add a user registration form to the WordPress website because of WordPress?

Using C languages to develop an excel spreadsheet

Usually, users think that an excel sheet is very easy to create in MS excel only. But, did you know it is possible in the C language?

Yes, utilizing the same to create a spreadsheet is an easy method to embed excel files in the web pages.

However, before doing so, users require essential technical expertise in C and HTML language. The HTML is necessary to utilize tags. Moreover, online resources or others allow users to read information from excel in C#.

Hence, users can effectively embed web pages which clear annotations.

PDF files are also an option

Next, PDF files are also practical means to publicize the excel sheets on the digital space. Here, users have to export the spreadsheet in PDF format and then add it to the website.

PDF files are easy to embed with high-quality tools like DocumentCloud or Scribd. Also, it opens up directly in the online web browsers.

Click File and navigate to the Save As option.

Add the details like filename and save the File in the PDF format from Save As option.

After saving File in PDF format, users can upload to the digital space or any file sharing platform that uploads the content on the internet.  File sharing platforms link embedded Files with the internet.

Moreover, users can insert the pictures also if they require to publish on the internet. But, they first have to insert it in the excel cell. To know how to insert picture into excel cell read online blogs.

HTML to show excel file

Finally, users have the option to display an Excel spreadsheet on the HTML page. Also, it allows other users to access the data and make relevant changes. But, it is only possible with the Microsoft OneDrive. 

Here, users can embed, customize, and generate the preview of excel sheets on the internet. Also, paste the embedded code into the HTML after completing the customization process.

The bottom line

So, these were a few easy and quick ways where an excel spreadsheet is visible for the whole world. Also, there are plenty of tools and resources to make your documents digitally present.

Therefore, it is only about the patience and technical expertise that users can gain through this post for beginners.

Author – Chetan Sharma is a professional digital marketer and blogger at heart. He owns multiple educational blogs like Selina Concise and many others.

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