Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible Boxes: Different Styles to Choose From

Do you have products that are too difficult to ship? Collapsible rigid boxes may be a good option for you.

These boxes are great because they come in various shapes, sizes and styles, and are constructed of sturdy cardboard.

The collapsible design allows for easy assembly or disassembly depending on the needs of your shipment.

This packaging can be used as display cases or storage containers, which makes them versatile and convenient.

We will discuss the different types of rigid boxes available that might be good for you according to your needs. Read about #6 ways to increase brand awareness through custom packaging boxes.

Types of Collapsible Boxes

Types of Collapsible Boxes

There are two main types of these boxes according to the manufacturer but they have many different styles.

Partial finish boxes

Partial finish rigid boxes have a finished top and unfinished bottom.

They are inexpensive, easy to assemble and can be used for shipping or storing products that do not need to be visible from the outside of the box.

The wrapper wraps around just the edges, so all you see from inside are some bare chipboard pieces.

This process saves time because there’s no need for an extra layer to be folded over it like in other boxes.

Full finish boxes

Full finish rigid boxes have a finished top and bottom. You can use them for displaying your products. To ship items that need protection from the elements as well as an attractive exterior.

They cost a bit much as compared to partial finish boxes but they are as easy to assemble as partial finish boxes. Read about how custom candle packaging help in advertisement.

Styles in Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible Boxes

There are many styles in collapsible rigid boxes but here are some of the most commonly used and easily available anywhere.

Rigid tube packaging

Rigid tube packaging is a unique and eco-friendly way to stand out from the crowd.

This cylindrical form of rigid box has no corners, making it easy for customers to grab their products without having to open plastic bags or foil packages that take up space in landfills when discarded.

A popular example of this type of package can be found on every grocery store shelf -Pringles!

Rigid tubes have been used as an effective container for smaller items such as drinks, cosmetics, stationary and accessories with openings at either end.

Which make them easier than ever before for shoppers who are always looking for convenience over wastefulness.

Magnetic Closure Rigid Box

Magnetic closure rigid boxes have two strong magnets that provide a satisfying ‘snap’ when they close, making them addicting to use.

This is because of their sturdy and solid construction; customers will be very hesitant to throw these out so it’s an environmentally-friendly choice since the box can make excellent storage for jewelry or makeup (depending on size).

The magnetic closure collapsible rigid box is designed with a sleek unboxing experience in mind, which will capture your customers’ attention.

The standard rigid style offers the strength and durability that you need for shipping. Storing items of any weight while reducing costs associated with packaging materials like tape.

Rigid Boxes with a Drawer

I don’t know about you, but opening drawers is one of my favorite things to do. There is something very satisfying about it.

I like the feeling when you pull a drawer open and find something tucked inside, especially if it’s new.

There are so many types of boxes out there like slide-top boxes (which can also be called slipcase or matchboxes), box folders, flat mailer envelopes for letters, but nothing feels as satisfying as pulling an actual “drawer” open because they have that extra bit of weight on them.

How to choose the right type of Collapsible Boxes for your product

The main thing to consider when choosing the right type of box is that you have plenty of room inside for your product.

These packages, which are often called chipboard or corrugated cardboard packaging.

Work well if you need more space and can be printed in many colors also using multiple substrates like vinyl, metallic finishes, glosses and matte laminates.

Products ship safely with Collapsible Boxes You may spend less money on shipping since Collapsible do not require tape-based packing materials. 

If storing items of any weight while reducing costs associated with packaging then Collapsible boxes are what you’re looking for.

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