Dedicated Developers Vs Freelance Developers

Dedicated Developers Vs Freelance Developers: Which one to hire for your project?

Table of Content
1. A Brief Introduction
2. Dedicated DevelopersAdvantages of hiring a dedicated development team
3. Freelance DevelopersAdvantages of hiring freelance developers
4. How do dedicated development teams and freelance developers compare at three key points?Quality and commitmentExpertisePrice
5. How to choose between a dedicated development team and freelancers for your project?The complexity of a projectThe requirement of technical expertise in the projectThe project managerThe SDLC model for the project
6. Final Thoughts

A Brief Introduction

Dedicated Developers Vs Freelance Developers

Web or App development is a complicated and challenging multi-variable process. The demand for development is increasing and businesses are opting for freelancers or planning to hire a dedicated web development or mobile app development team according to their project requirements.  

Eventually, if your project is long-term, make sure to gather all the requirements, integrate new experts, find the right team member, track the progress, and then build your own dedicated development team that follows all these steps and develops your project from scratch.

The possibility of hiring a dedicated development team or freelancers are becoming more important when it comes to developing websites, software solutions, apps, etc. Both have their own features, benefits, and cons based on various factors and considerations. 

If we’re comparing dedicated developers and freelancers, we can see that they are related in various respects. Both have indispensable software development expertise and have important differentiation also. Freelance developers are self-employed individuals who work for some companies and perform the allocated task as independent contractors. 

When you’re planning to develop a web app, make sure to carefully identify all the project requirements, overall cost, and project timelines.

In this post, we’re going to differentiate dedicated developers and freelance developers and identify which is an ideal choice when it comes to successful project development. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Dedicated Developers

When you’re hiring a dedicated development team means you’re hiring remote employees to bring its project idea to life. Dedicated developers take full responsibility for managing each task involved in the project development lifecycle and they usually work as a unit. 

In short, they work on a full-time basis and are perfectly suitable for long-term projects. Project managers assign certain projects to the development team and assign team leaders who guide them throughout the project. 

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated development team:

  • High-quality results
  • Continuous integration
  • Safe and secure
  • Smooth communication
  • Adaptability and focus
  • Responsibility 
  • Variety of resources available
  • Specialization
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Accessibility 
  • Well Maintenance
  • Quick development cycle
  • Strong Support System

Freelance Developers

Freelance developers are usually suitable to accomplish the targeted task and for short-term projects. They’re hired to complete the precise requirements of the clients and the relationship you build with them is identified by a particular time frame.

Before hiring freelancers, make sure that they’re not only working for you, as they may have multiple clients with whom they’re working simultaneously. 

You can find freelance developers based on specific skills and expertise, according to your project requirements. Popular websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Clutch will help you to find a perfect choice for your business but before contacting them, check their reviews to avoid negative surprises.

Advantages of Hiring Freelance Developers:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Secure
  • Feedback of previous customers
  • Fewer responsibilities
  • Overcome complex crisis
  • Less supervision
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Reliability and Responsibility 
  • Flexibility and special expertise
  • Ability to support during any crisis
  • Reduced risk
  • Safe and Secure 

How do dedicated development teams and freelance developers compare at three key points?

1. Quality & Commitment

As we all know, freelance developers are preferred for short-term projects. They usually work for themselves, that is why they work with multiple clients at the same time, and it might become confusing for them.  But if you’re interested in working with dedicated developers, they’ll give complete attention to your project throughout the development process. 

If we compare dedicated development teams with freelancers, then dedicated developers are the best choice that shows the interest of the company and only focuses on one project at a time. They deliver high-quality results, make long-term relationships with the client, and build a stable portfolio. 

A reliable and top-notch software development company shows its reputation by delivering excellent results and sustainable systems. Here the focus of the development team is not divided on multiple projects, they can work on one project at a time to deliver the best results to its clients. 

If you’re hiring freelancers, make sure that they will skip the designing and development phase and directly get to business. 

While identifying the project requirements and complexity, if you think there are a few complexities in it and it is a short-term project then you can hire a freelancer. Whereas if your project is long-term and is challenging, then a dedicated development team is the most suitable option for you.

Despite this, it takes the responsibility to make adjustments in the future if the client’s requirements change and develop a high-end product.

2. Expertise

Before hiring freelance developers for your project, make sure that they have expertise in certain technologies and have a limited skill set. So, when you’re defining the project requirements, ensure what qualifications you’ll require in order to accomplish the project goals. 

But when you’re planning to hire a dedicated development team from a great service provider, they’ll have expertise in all technologies. It offers a wide variety of skills and experience in working with modern technologies to cover up all the project needs. 

A software development company will assign the developers according to your project requirements. They’ll provide developers having great experience in technology that you’re searching for and complete your project.  

Working with freelance developers is also a great idea, but take no risks. Before you contact a freelancer, check their reviews, previous work, and ask what their qualification is. 

3. Price

Freelancers are comparatively cost-effective than hiring a dedicated development team. If you have a limited budget and your project is short, then freelancing is the best option for you. Whereas if your project is bigger and has higher complexity, then go with a dedicated team. 

Dedicated developers guarantee high-quality results and help you to overcome all the business challenges. If you think you have a high budget and want out-of-the-box software, then without any confusion, go with a dedicated team. 

How to choose between a Dedicated development team and Freelancers for your project?

1. The complexity of a project

While choosing a reliable software development partner for your project, defining project complexity is one of the main factors that you should take into consideration for accurate results. Resolving the project complexity requires an in-depth analysis, including some questions such as:

  • How many features and functionalities influence project complexity?
  • What are the project requirements and is it well-documented? 
  • Check the size of the target user-base of the software as it requires higher scalability needs, in addition to other complexities.
  • Projects with greater estimated plans and high costs will likely be more complicated.
  • Will the project implement modern and innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.
  • Who is your target audience? If you’re targeting an audience from all over the world such as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, etc. with your application, this means it is a complex project. 
  • Does the project profile have high risk?

Note: If your investigation says that the project is complex, then a freelance developer will increase the complexity. In such cases, a dedicated development team is a perfect fit for your project.

2. The requirement of technical expertise in the project

According to your project’s requirements, every project demands a different level of technical expertise. If your project is small and has minor complexities, then it requires a medium level of technical knowledge, similarly, if your project is lengthy and complex, it requires high technical expertise.

The attitude of continuous learning is one of the major differences between a good developer and an excellent developer. 

As we all know, technology is evolving rapidly and therefore developers need to invest a lot of time in learning those innovative technologies to be updated. It is a challenging task that requires a systematic approach to learning.

When you’re hiring a dedicated development team for your project, you know that they’re continuously investing in learning new technologies. But if you’re working with freelance developers, you might not know if they’re investing any time in learning those technologies as they are part-time employees. 

Choosing a top-notch web development company helps you to stay ahead of the competition and allows you to focus on core business activities. 

3. The project manager

Do you have a skilled and qualified project manager for your project? Or, are you hiring a project manager from an outside company? Asking such questions to self is one of the most important factors to take into consideration while choosing between a dedicated development team vs freelance developers. 

Having a reliable project manager is one of the main factors to take into consideration for having a successful project. The project manager is responsible for allocating project tasks and aligns the mission and vision when you’re hiring freelance developers to integrate the work. 

If you’re planning to source the project manager from the market, make sure it will uncover a high severity risk, if you’re integrating work from freelancers. 

On the other hand, if you’re unable to find a competent PM for the project, then you should hire a reputable software development company as they have a qualified PM. Choosing a reliable service provider offers accurate and successful results as they use modern techniques and methods to manage the project.

4. The SDLC model for the project

When you’re implementing the “Software Development Life Cycle” model, it helps you in decision-making and what type of development team you can use. Take the Agile SDLC model as an instance, it stresses programmers working intimately with clients and increases the focus on real business value.

The agile development model helps you to identify your project requirements so that the developers can develop a product quickly and review the feedback of customers. When a customer modifies any of the requirements, the development team is always ready to enhance the product with new requirements in quick iterations. 

Final Thoughts

If the quality of project, security, and maintenance is important for your project, then you must go for a dedicated development team. It gives you more self-confidence that you’ll get accurate results on time without compromising on quality. Working with a reputable development company will increase the potential for startups and established businesses as well. 

After reading this post, we can say that working with dedicated developers is far better than hiring a freelancer. So, make sure to take a proper move while choosing your development partner.

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