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How to Create Custom Banners for Your Customers

In the world of advertising and marketing, custom banners play a crucial role. If you own a banner printing store, you’ll agree that they provide your end customers a wide range of benefits. 

But creating and selling custom banners is an extensive process. 

First, you need to be on top of the latest design trends, hire experienced designers who understand your clients’ needs, and deliver a perfect custom banner on time. 

Second, with self-design becoming a fashion, you also need to think how to let your end-customers take an active part in the design process using an Online Banner Design Tool

This post will cover the A to Z of how you can create custom banners that your clients will surely love!

Here’s a quick glance at everything this post discusses:

  • Start by Choosing a Type of Banner
  • Follow the Most Effective Banner Design Strategies
  • Keep an Eye on Graphic Design Trends
  • Choose Typography & Color Palette 
  • Take the DIY Route or Hire a Designer
  • Sell More with Online Banner Design Tool
  • Examples of Companies Selling Custom Banners & What to Learn from Them

Start by Choosing a Type of Banner

There are lots of different types of banners. Think of your target audience, and choose a type of banner that best matches their requirements. Here are the most popular types that you can consider.

✔ Pull-up Banners: Best for trade show events and retail signage. They are also known as roll-up banners and tend to be around six-feet. 

✔ Step & Repeat Banners: They work as a backdrop for events where people click pictures. These banners have a repetitive printing pattern of logo or brand name.

✔ Retractable Banners: They are similar to display banners. One can roll them up to display and retract them when not in use.

✔ Pole Banners: Outdoor pole banners are the ones you see on streets. They are used for decorating or for promotional purposes. 

Follow the Most Effective Banner Design Strategies

First things first, a proper structure is important in creating a visually appealing design. Start by prioritizing different elements you want to place inside a banner. This mainly includes logo, description text, and a call to action. 

The key to successfully designing a banner is simplicity. Less clutter and more impactful is the design. You can also consider adding animation or a sense of movement to enhance a static image.  

Also, choose the images that you put very wisely. To make designs more eye-catching, apply image filters and effects. 

Perform competitor research to see what kind of custom banners they are selling. That will give you more insights into what is popular right now. 

Keep an Eye on Graphic Design Trends

The graphic design landscape is changing. It is good to have basic knowledge of graphic design trends. That helps create custom banner designs that are more relevant and resonate with the target audience. Here are some popular trends.

  • Monochrome color filters are being widely used on images. 
  • There is a rise in artistic typography and modern serif fonts that make banners look more exclusive.
  • Colorful icons and illustrations are eye-catchy and help share marketing messages easily.
  • Bold and bright background colors are preferred to catch a viewer’s attention.
  • Data visualization is becoming popular to share numbers and complex data.
  • 3D typography has also gained momentum to add a realistic effect to text. 

Choose Typography & Color Palette 

It goes without saying that font style and colors play an important role in conveying messages and getting audiences’ attention. In this section, learn all about the best fonts and colors that will help you create amazing banners your client needs. 

Some of the best banner fonts include:

  • Playfair display fonts suited for tilting and headlines.
  • Veteran typewriter that marketers use for titles and call to action.
  • Avant Garde where letters are in perfect alignment and best for heading and logo.
  • Franklin Gothic typeface that helps grab attention.

As far as colors are concerned, choosing what color you want to use for each banner depends on the message you want to convey. Each hue and shade evokes an emotion. For example, red shows urgency, yellow depicts optimism or warmth. 

Take the DIY Route or Hire a Designer

If you think you have got superb design skills, then surely take the design part in your hands! The biggest advantage of managing the design part yourself is that you are in complete control of everything. 

If you do not want to do it yourself, you can collaborate with freelance designers or hire a team. You can find designers on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Dribbble, and so on. 

Following all these points will help you create effective banners for your clients. To enhance customer satisfaction, let your customers take an active part in the design process. 

Today, B2B customers also expect a B2C-like seamless shopping experience. Having an Online Banner Design Tool will help you easily cater to your client’s unique requirements. 

Sell More with Online Banner Design Tool

Banner Designer is a Web to Print Software that helps your end customers create custom banners themselves. They can either use ready templates from the tool or design a banner from scratch using varied features. 

Below are some ways to create and sell custom banners with the help of a Banner Designer. 

✔ Create Ready Templates to Enable Quick Purchases

One of the biggest advantages of having one such tool is that you are saved from the toil of creating innumerable designs. You get an extensive design template library. End-users can choose from thousands of options and make further modifications if needed. You can also create new templates using other features like clipart, artwork, text, etc., and upload them. 

✔ Offer Amazing Designs to End Customers

Your clients can leverage different artwork designs from the tool to add to their banners. They can further customize their design by changing the color, adding new background patterns, changing the position of different objects, adding clipart, and such.  

✔ Let Them Add Custom Text, Images, etc.

Using the tool, your customers can add any message, company tagline, heading, quote they want on their banner. They can customize the text by adding a font style they like, changing the color of the fonts, etc. Further, they can also upload pictures of their organization, team members, etc.

✔ Avoid Potential Errors Before Hand

Errors in creating a banner create an unnecessary delay in printing an order and ultimately delivering it. And no client appreciates delays in order fulfillment. You can reduce the chances of having errors and enable proofing before a banner goes for printing. You can send warning messages to users if they upload a low-resolution image or write something outside a safety line. 

Examples of Companies Selling Custom Banners & What to Learn from Them

✔ Vistaprint’s Detailed Product Descriptions

Vistaprint is one huge printing empire selling thousands of print products from clothing to personalized marketing materials. To help users make better decisions, it shares detailed information about banner size, materials, etc. It also shares a few design tips to help users create the best banner for them. 

✔ Customink’s Design Studio

Customink is another famous US-based retail company. The company offers a dedicated design studio where customers can design their banners. Customink offers an option, ‘Design Lab’ to get customers’ attention on the menu itself. 

✔ Zazzle’s Clear Categories

Zazzle is an online marketplace that enables designs and customers to create their products with independent manufacturers. Their offerings include cards, business supplies, banners, home care, accessories, and so on. You can learn from them to categorize different types of banners to help users find what they are looking for. For instance, when you search for banners, you’ll get a list like banners for birthdays, business, graduation, etc.

Ending Note

Well, that was an extensive guide! We hope you have all the information you need to create custom banners for your customers. Taking one step further and including customization on your online store will lead to an immensely successful business. 

Author Bio:

Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head at Brush Your Ideas, a top-notch Web-to-Print technology solution provider that offers Custom Product Design Software as well as web to print storefront software. He has been a creative and driving force in the success of our Product Design tool.

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