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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Digital signage bridges the gap between traditional signage in the real world and digital designs that can be rapidly updated. This advertising method has become more common and your business can significantly benefit from it.

5 Reasons Why Your Business needs Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage

#1. Rapid Updates

Things change all the time, and digital signage lets you keep up with changes. For example, traditional signage remains the same for weeks or months. You can change digital signage to keep up with major events, changes in the weather, or small word changes that increase conversions.

Simply change the design and upload it to the digital signage. A CMS for digital signage is all you need to make this process painless. According to the experts at Contentful, “editors can integrate their existing creative toolset to independently manage, update and publish delightful experiences optimized for any audience or channel.”

#2. Connected to Information

People love being connected to information. They want to see major updates, sports scores, popular Tweets, and more. Digital signage allows you to easily connect this to your advertising. For example, you can have a digital menu with a window to the side showing information your customers care about.

This not only makes your signage more engaging, but it makes your whole business more valuable.

#3. Increase Awareness and Messages

Traditional signage allows you to say just one thing. The truth is that your business has a lot to say. You want to tell customers about sales, discounts, new products, employee bios, reasons you’re better than the competition and so much more. You can get some of that across with traditional signage, but it’s very limited.

Digital signage on the other hand can cycle between different messages. It can show a sale for 30 seconds, then switch to the employee of the month for another 30 seconds, and then switch to an ad about your newest product. That’s just one sign. Imagine having multiple ones throughout your store.

#4. Multimedia Signage

Traditional signage is limited in what it can display. You can only show static images and words. While static images and words can be powerful, digital signage allows you to make even stronger statements. You can now display video, animations, text effects, and more.

Not only do these serve to grab your customer’s attention, but they can also tell a customer much more. A video can have a voiceover that describes why they need a certain service or product. This goes a long way to driving more sales.

#5. Better Experience

Customers are always seeking a better experience. They want something that is fun, engaging and that keeps their minds active. Digital signage does more than grab their attention. It keeps them engaged and happy. Businesses that are able to provide this enhanced experience are better regarded by customers, which increases the chances of them returning and buying more of your products and services.


Digital signage allows you to take advantage of new design methods while still tapping into the power of traditional signage. This is a leap forward for your business that can increase engagement, conversions, sales, and more.

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