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Ways to Rank SEO Website by SEO Content Writing

Content writing with SEO is now considered as an adventure with a complex math problem. We are all striving hard to think by finding the secret sauce to get the outcomes faster. The number of SEO factors are 200+ and advancing day by day. Google algorithm updates increased, the number of businesses using SEO’s increased, and the number of SEO companies has also increased. More and more people became aware of its significance competitive race in digital marketing will boost.

SEO content writing

Master Your Content Writing to Get High Website Ranking.

Content is king indicates that content controls everything in the form of organic search, traffic, leads, and sales. It helps visitor to stay longer and help your website in ranking. Content comes in different types like words, videos, audio, photos, interviews, post, podcasts, and social media. So how do you know what content should you produce? To first know you must understand your target audience from where it comes. 

The foremost benefit of the good website SEO Content Writing, not necessarily unique, is to give you an edge in the organic ranking. You need to know the exact mindset of the searchers to draft a worthy content for your site/blog. There are tools to help you assess those keywords. I would strongly suggest you know your niche and customers well. This way, you can draft effective and strong ‘long keywords.’ Why long? ‘cos you need to lay down a big net to catch the maximum clicks.

The content of specific keywords helps you connect with your targeted audience.

SEO content writing

While it is true that keywords do not play the same role as before in SEO, they are still a fundamental part of any good content strategy, and if keywords are not present in the content of the script, traffic will be lost conversions and clicks.

By targeting the keywords in your content, you are only taking this content marketing approach one step further. Also helps your content appear in multiple search queries. Keywords also allow you to connect more efficiently with your target audience and the topics that interest them. This, in turn, has the potential to drive your conversions and make your content more valuable than ever.

Strong Headline

From the SEO and audience point of view, the eye-catching headline is the key if you want your website to be click from the bunch of websites. It had researched that a strong with creative headline reduces the bounce rate most of the time.

A simple trick to create an effective headline, by using five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why). The trick behind it that user mostly searches their query using these W’s. So, if he/she finds the headline matching with their query then it is a high chance that they click on your site.

Maintain proper proportions between content types.

There is core content, and there is distributional content. The core content is unique, filled with the information valuable for your potential customers, and should post on your website (or any other media that you own). With its help, you persuade your TA to opt for your brand.

Distributional content is how you gain referral and social traffic. The content you write to promote core content (and yeah, you write content to promote). Facebook posts, tweets, Quora answers, guest blog articles – these are examples of distributional content.

For each piece of core content that you create, you should create at least 10 pieces of distributional content.

Make your work UX friendly and engaging:

Pages that users interact and engage with rank higher. So, if your page is easy to navigate and invites user engagement and interaction, it will not only boost your ranking but also improve your conversion rate. So, make your work UX friendly, and engaging automatically improve SEO. Whether you are giving Magento development agency in Saudia Arab, doing blogging, and affiliates business all you need is amazing UI and UX.

Create content for what you know, and you are passionate about.

Trying to create content (any type) about a topic that can’t wake you up at night is bound to fail, even if you’re an absolute master at faking interest. Psychologists are yet to determine the formula, but people do see through you and the lack of authenticity cannot hide in the long run. So – be honest with your audience. As a Bulgarian proverb says “If you want to lit others, you must be on fire yourself”. Think about the musicians you love – your loyalty is laid in the fact that you can connect to them through the emotion that their music brings. If the music doesn’t “talk” to you, you’re not involved. With that in mind – when you create any type of content, you’re passionate about transferring the emotions you carry within you will be an effortless act and your audience will sense it.

Link your content

Link building is an important phase of SEO Content Writing. Writing the article and publishing it on your website is only 50% work done. You still require to link your content all over the web. Submit blog posts to other authoritative sites, such as Hubpages, Medium, Readwrite, and Reddit, comment on other blogs, and share all over social media. You can become your very own internet PR agency. Remember to also respond to readers’ comments on your posts and if possible, create to follow up content for these comments.

Google loves links to quality websites, so the more guest blogging you can do that link back to your website, the more hits you will get on search engines. Only top-quality content will urge the readers to follow the links back to your website. Avoid purchasing links or blogging on unrelated websites to your site, as this puts you at risk of blacklisting. Do not be tempted to use this easy way out, as there are many other SEO techniques that you are better off using.

Make Content Quality your number 1 priority: 

The days when search engines used to look for just keywords and rank your page according to that are long gone. There is 200+ ranking. And in a 300-400 word content, if you try to meet all of them, you will end up writing a bunch of words your reader never cares. So, your best optimization trick in the present time is to improve the quality of your content. Every single one of those 200 criteria aim to filter and find the best quality content. If you have written good content, it will automatically sail through all of them without you having to worry about each of them individually.

Final Thoughts

The quantity never beats quality in the long run This is pretty self-explanatory, but I’d like to add to it that it’s easy to fall into this trap of rushing to create a lot of content when everyone is doing it. After all – who wants to stay behind? But this is like running a marathon and sprinting – there will always be sprinters in SEO Content Writing. If you’re one of them and it comes naturally to you – great. If it’s a struggle though – focus on the marathon and on your ability to last longer.

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