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Want to write an article for one of the leading SEO communities in India?

HowToLearnSEO is one of the trusted SEO platforms, if you’re looking to add value to our audience read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.

How can you become a contributor to HTLS?

To write for HowToLearnSEO, here are some tips that will help you to write a guest post article that gets published:

  • Check a few of our blog posts to understand what kind of posts we publish.
  • Write high quality and user focused content that provide value to the community.
  • Here are some of the top SEO categories in we’re accepting new articles, before submitting your article you must go through our already published articles and avoid submitting duplicate content.
  1. SEO tips for small businesses and case studies.
  2. WordPress Tips and Tutorials
  3. Content Marketing for small businesses
  4. Email marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing for small businesses
  6. “How-to’s” articles for small businesses.

Always remember these things before sending us a guest post article:

Connect with us with your top 5 article topics and we will share the best topic with you to write for us.

  • Article Quality: Your guest post articles must be a minimum of 1200 words. Write original piece of content, no spinned or copied content otherwise we will never accept your article.
  • Images: You must include at least 2-3 images to convey your message.
  • Self-promotion: We don’t allow self promotion articles, we only accept genuine contribution.
  • Copyright: We hate copyrighted articles. Never send us any copyright material, you will never hear back from us on copied or spinned content. Save your and our time by contributing well researched articles to HTLS.
  • Contact: You can send your topics and pitches directly to:

Keep husting!