How Many Backlinks Per Month Is Safe

How Many Backlinks Per Month Is Safe? (Answered)

In this article, we will answer the question, “How many backlinks are protected per month?”

This is an important topic to cover because you are probably wondering how many links you can build in a month for SEO without being penalized by search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

So, to help you keep your site secure, you’ll find below all the answers you need about the speed and amount of monthly backlinks builds.

How many backlinks per month?

It also includes information about Google’s patents on link velocity and freshness, and how it can affect your website’s ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) if you’re not careful during a link building campaign.

How many backlinks is too many?

An average of 10 backlinks per month are protected for a new website. However, even 40 to 50 links per month are safe if they are created systematically and within search engine webmaster guidelines. A good strategy is to start with a small number of links and increase the volume every month.

How fast can I build new backlinks?

There is no set number for lots of backlinks as every web page will get more organic links over time. The only issue with getting too many backlinks for a website is if those links are low-quality, spammy, or part of a link scheme, which can hurt search engine rankings.

When it comes to building links for a website, you might be wondering how fast you can create new backlinks without getting penalized from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

How long does it take for monthly backlinks to work?

The rate at which links are acquired is known as “link velocity”. And many people in the SEO community believe that a high rate of link velocity (or growth) is a bad thing for a website.

However, this idea is only based on speculation and not based on facts. Google has a patent Information retrieval based on historical data It describes how a new website with a high rate of link velocity can be considered more relevant than an older site with slow link growth.

The idea of ​​getting too many backlinks too fast isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to the language in the patent. It says:

How about the number of daily backlinks?

For some search queries, Google’s search engine uses algorithmic content freshness and link growth speed to determine the best position for URLs to rank in SERPs. This part of the algorithm is called “Query Deserves Freshness” and is applied to search results that qualify for up-to-date search results.

Therefore, getting lots of backlinks per month at a faster rate, and maintaining that speed over time, can improve your search engine rankings. Especially for keywords that require fresh content for users.

Number of Backlinks Per Month Summary

So what does this really mean for you and how many backlinks can you build per month? Well, there is another important section in the patent that clarifies the question:

As you can see, the algorithm can detect unnatural patterns based on web spam techniques that typically leave a footprint from a link building scheme (eg, keyword-rich anchor text). If you are trying to manipulate PageRank through unnatural link building in this way, your website or individual web pages may face manual action or algorithmic penalties that lower rankings in search engines.

The best strategy for how many backlinks per month is safe for SEO is to worry less about the total number and more about the variety of anchor text so that the links look natural to the algorithm.

Also, if you read this other article on how many backlinks a website should have, you will find that the total number of links is not as important as the quality of those backlinks and which websites they come from.

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