How to Get Backlinks Without Guest Posting

How to Get Backlinks Without Guest Posting (2 Best Methods)

In this article, you will learn how to get backlinks without guest posting.

As you’ll learn below, there are several ways you can build backlinks on other people’s blogs without writing guest posts.

Also, once you learn these digital marketing strategies, you will also get more targeted referral traffic apart from SEO backlinks which increase the domain authority of your website.

How To Get Backlinks Without Guest Posting

This is the reason why these methods are so powerful for every blogger and website owner. Each strategy can help improve key metrics for long-term success: keyword rankings and website traffic.

Getting Backlinks Without Guest Posting Summary

To get backlinks without guest posting you need to spend 80% of your time creating quality content that attracts organic backlinks and 20% on outreach techniques that do not require guest posting. This strategy will help you get more backlinks without asking them.

The first way to learn how to get backlinks without guest posting is by posting original research. And this is one of the top link building strategies on how to build high quality backlinks at scale.

Taking surveys, preparing case studies and analyzing industry data allows you to publish original research that cannot be found on other websites. And it is one of the most powerful ways to get doll backlinks without writing a guest post.

#1. Post Original Research For Backlinks

  • Create a Wikipedia Account
  • Define your keyword data set
  • Find Wikipedia Backlink Opportunities
  • Create a resource for that Wikipedia topic
  • Put a Backlink to a Wikipedia Page

Plus, you don’t have to spend months or years collecting data for this link building strategy to work. As long as you have a good piece of original research that others in your industry will find attractive, then you can create content that can get backlinks.

For example, you can ask a few questions in a Facebook group and then analyze the answers to find common topics. The same strategy can work on Twitter by creating a poll. Once you’ve gotten enough feedback, you can publish a blog post that summarizes your findings along with your opinion on the data.

Alternatively, you can analyze industry data that has already been published from various sources. You can then find the overlap and difference and share it with the world.

#2. Publish Facts And Figures

Publishing original research is an advanced method of link building without guest posting that not many people are willing to spend time and resources on. However, it can give surprising results to get backlinks as other bloggers are likely to link to your research article as there is nothing else like it on the internet.

This is another easy way to build backlinks without guest posting. And writing articles also doesn’t take much time because the information you need is already online.

Pick a topic related to your industry and then find as many facts and figures as you can about it on other websites. Then, consolidate all that information into one blog post.

By creating an ultimate facts and figures guide like this, you have a better chance of ranking higher in Google than your competitors for the main keyword phrase. For example, if you were targeting the phrase “guest blogging stats” and your top competitor has 50 stats in their post, you should try to create an article with 75 or 100 stats so that it gets search engine results. be separated into pages. (SERP).

This strategy works so well that some SEO link building experts report that they get hundreds to thousands of new organic backlinks every month on auto-pilot.

#3. Publish More Content

#4. Sponsor an Event

#5. Run a Promotion

#6. Quote People and Tell Them About It

#7. Get Interviewed

#8. Interview Experts

#9. Create Your Own Guest Posts

#10. Make Social Media Connections

#11. Build Up Your Personal Brand

#12. Comment On Hot Topics

#13. Get Wikipedia Links

#14. Analyze Competitor Backlink Profiles

#15. Write Weekly Roundups

Getting Backlinks Without Guest Posting Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get backlinks without guest posting.

As you discovered, there are a number of good ways to get backlinks to your site without having to write a guest post. And if you follow the strategies on this page, and in the linked resources, you can build up your website’s domain authority and PageRank with more organic backlinks that don’t require you to publish content on other blogs.

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