Viewers Watch Your YouTube Video Till The End

5 Effective Ways To Make Your Viewers Watch Your YouTube Video Till The End

Imagine working hard to curate an amazing YouTube video with your promotional message recorded in the end. What’s the point if your viewers do not watch it till the end?

The YouTube search algorithm tends to rank your videos higher only if it persuades the viewers to watch till the very end. Even videos on YouTube red earns revenue based on watch time and not on views.

All in all, it is very important for any YouTuber to increase the overall watch time of their videos. 

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5 Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube

A longer watch time will not only help you earn potential clients but also boosts your search engine rankings. Let’s take a look at the 5 awesome tips to make sure your viewers are watching the video until the end.

Provide an accurate title, metadata and thumbnail

Most YouTubers miss the importance of adding an accurate title and thumbnail in their videos. Let’s say the title of your video is ‘perks of hiring an essay writer.’ But, the rest of your video is about the importance of an essay.

Would it serve the purpose of viewers who plan to watch your video to know about the benefits of hiring an  online writer? No, obviously. So, you may end up losing a lot of viewers if the title of your video is different from what it suggests in the title. 

Tips to get the title, metadata and thumbnail right:

  • Keep the title descriptive using the keywords relevant to the content of your video.
  • Describe it in the terms your target audience may use to search your video online.  
  • You can take the videos by Brad Kremer for example. The title includes the film’s name ‘Hayako’ along with a brief description of the content- A time-lapse journey through Japan. Thus, his video has higher chances of appearing on the SERPs when people search for ‘Japan time-lapse.’
  • Choose the most attractive frame from your video to use it as your thumbnail. 
  • Create a set of standard tags relevant to your channel and that can be applied to any video you publish. 

The purpose of your metadata is to show your videos to the right audience in the relevant search results. Inaccurate metadata may show your video to the wrong audience, who do not find it relevant enough.

Thus, make sure the title, metadata and thumbnail of your video are relevant to its content.

Take care of the video length.

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By default, YouTube lets you upload a video that’s 15 minutes long. Verified accounts can post a longer video. According to HubSpot, the maximum engagement takes place for YouTube videos that are 2 minutes long.

The Ideal Length Of Video For Different Social Media Platforms.

We usually take a look at the length of any video before deciding to watch it. There’s no reason for your target viewers to think otherwise in this matter. Also, the average length of the top 10 YouTube videos is nearly 3 minutes. 

Top 5 elements in a successful short YouTube video:

  • 20% of people tend to leave after the first 10 seconds of a YouTube video. So, make sure your video consists of an attention-grabbing introduction. 
  • We get bored really fast. So, it is better to add some exciting background music to your video so that it holds your viewers’ attention until the end.
  • Focus only on the messages that are absolutely important for your viewers. Get rid of anything that’s less important from your video.
  • Be creative when it comes to including your call to action in the video. Remember, your viewers have lives and they are busy. 
  • Embrace a storytelling approach to engage your viewers till the end of your video

As per reports from Wistia, 60% of your viewers may stick till the end of your video if its 4-5 minutes long. 75% of them, however, may stick till the end if your video is 1-2 minutes long.

Thus, it is always better if you can convey your message through a short YouTube video. 

Give your viewers a reason to watch your video.

You need to value your target audience’s time. They may have other tasks to attend to apart from watching your YouTube video. So, make sure your video is worth their valuable time.

You need to provide a solid reason for them to watch your video till the end amid their busy schedule. Let’s say your video is about promoting a spell checker. You can begin your video by stating ‘Submitting a flawless assignment just got 10X easier.’

Other ways to persuade your viewers to stick till the end:

  • Let’s say your video is on an informative topic like psychology dissertation. So, you can try adding a ‘table of contents’ in the beginning. This will help your viewers understand what your video is all about. They may stay till the end if all the chapters are interesting enough. 
  • You can also try sharing the final results right in the beginning. Let’s say your video is about launching a new product. So, you can reveal that in the first frame so that your dedicated viewers get hooked to screen to know more about the product. 
  • Sharing personal experiences can help you connect with your viewers better. Consider this caption at the beginning of your video. ‘I all by myself. It’s super easy and quick. Check out the points I used while assessing my task.’

Analyse the videos posted by your competitors to understand what they’re offering and you aren’t. Make it a point to create videos that are better than everyone else in the same market. Your viewers shouldn’t feel like ‘It’s the same as X’s video except the latter is better.’ 

Offer freebies or rewards.

Who doesn’t love freebies? Whether it’s a discount coupon or a free ticket to a baseball game, we all love them. You can also promise to offer some valuable freebies right at the beginning of your video.

Then provide a logical condition to your viewers so that they watch the entire video to avail those free offers. For example, you can ask them questions regarding the video in the comments section.

And offer rewards to the ones who answer correctly. 

Other ideas to hold your viewer’s attention:

  • Add some interesting or rather trending music to make your videos interesting.
  • Crack some jokes in the beginning, middle and end of your video to add humour in the content. 
  • Add a poll or survey card in the end so that your viewers are able to engage with the video.

It’s okay to bribe your audience with a little extra so that they watch your YouTube video till the end. Make sure you deliver what you promise.

If your viewers do not get what you had promised, they will provide negative feedback in the comments section right away. 

Keep an eye on YouTube analytics.

The needs and demand of people change with time. You have to stay abreast of the trending ideas to deliver videos that people want to see. And the best way to do that is by studying YouTube analytics.

The audience retention report for all your videos will help you understand at what point of time your audience is leaving the video. You can modify the content of your video accordingly.  

Here is what the audience retention graph can help you out: 

 Does your video serve as an ad? In that case, the YouTube analytics will break down the traffic earned by your ad in three parts: organic traffic, traffic from display ads and traffic from skippable video ads. 

Wrapping Up, 

YouTube is the second-largest website in the world. Almost 2 billion people use it on a monthly basis. Whether you want to earn revenue or spread your brand message, YouTube is the right platform you.

However, YouTube watch-time determines the success of your videos. So, implement the tips as discussed above. Hopefully, you’ll be able to persuade your viewers to watch the video till the end. Good Luck.

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