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How To Make High Quality Backlinks For SEO

What is a high-quality backlink?

If you are already on this page, we do not need much ‘conversation’ anymore, hohoho… You already know that; backlinks are game modifiers in SEO. Whether it’s black hat SEO or SEO which is said to be a white hat group.

Google as the ruler of the search engine world knows, most SEO experts play in a certain gap to get a ranking from them. And for that, they continue to update their algorithmic system.

Alright, if you want to really play cleanly with Google’s version of the WebMasters guide. It is very nice. Create amazing websites, unique content that gives users great benefits. As is the goal of Google in its search engine services.

Google to improve the algorithm, hundreds, even thousands of times in a year, so that the content of websites that appear on the search engine pages / SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ), is the best. Able to answer questions needed by users. That is the point.

But, if your business is in the midst of intense competition with the same target keywords, and what you make on your website, is what people also make on their websites. If you make something of quality, they can be even better than you. So the strategy to make backlinks is important.

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Quality Backlink FAQs

What is a quality backlink?

Quality backlinks are backlinks that are able to make a website on the Google page. If there are only a lot of backlinks, but still not SEO?

How to make quality backlinks?

There are several options. You can buy with a note that does not leave a trace that can be known by Google or apply a strategy that we will soon discuss on this page.

Important Fact!

Put on your seat belt, we will start.

I agree with the term content off “Content is King!”. Content does play an important role. But, if that’s all the key, you just pay a professional content writer. You will get great content!

But, will it automatically rank in the search engine? If the answer is ‘yes’, then professional content writers have had success with their blogs. Where will surely get millions of organic traffic every day?

Google also knows that fact.

SEO experts, surely know that.

That; The game modifier is the domain authority level of a site. This is about Off-Page SEO. And, high-quality backlinks are the main key.

So, you know already that – Off-Page SEO!

It’s difficult to increase website traffic and achieve first page results, only through white-hat (ethical and book-based) SEO strategies. Because, Google’s own complex algorithm, takes into account more than one factor when building a hierarchy of search results.

You will also have difficulties if you wait for a miracle to get backlinks voluntarily from high authority websites.

When Google crawls web pages, backlinks become an important element that is considered by Google bots. Hohoho …

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Types Of Backlinks

Do Follow and No Follow links are the two main types of backlinks. Simple enough, right?

Follow links are links that provide direct and real SEO link value. This means they offer improvements to Google’s ranking, helping to push a site to get the best place in the search engine results pages (SERP). And they are basically counted as “points” in search results competitions.

On the other hand, no-follow backlinks do not provide value. But does that mean the no-follow link is useless? Not really.

In fact, just the opposite. The no-follow link still provides help, when it comes to great sites and great content. Which gives referral traffic. It is very valuable to drive chunks of traffic to your site.

A comment on a blog post or online forum can provide a large amount of site traffic, regardless of whether it’s a follow or no follow the link. And of course, such traffic often has the potential to be a conversion.

Keep in mind, Google PageRank is not the only search engine point factor.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: identify which links are relevant and positive for your business, and don’t also focus on what’s good for SEO. Why? A good link for your business ideally will lead to SEO too.

Building relationships and trust will also generate positive SEO dividends in the long run. Both the follow and no-follow links continue to play a role in increasing your SEO to the top.

What Makes High-Quality Backlinks?

Before we go into the intricate details, to clarify, you can read the previous writings; What is a backlink?

Here we put more emphasis on what topics are high-quality backlinks.

High-quality backlinks are links from a site that leads to your site, through ‘ anchor text’ which is in the form of keywords. If you don’t know what anchor text is, that means you really have to read the article What is a backlink. (that’s the link above)

Get there first, then return here later. I’ll just wait here. Hohoho …

Let’s move on!

However, “high quality” is also not just a link in the form of anchor text alone. There are other factors.

To measure the validity and caliber of backlinks, Google takes into account several factors before placing the HQ crown on the backlink.

Backlink Pattern:

Google is familiar with black-hat SEO techniques, which is one of the reasons algorithm updates often occur.

Google’s algorithm is smart enough to pay attention and define the natural linking patterns on a site.

Instead of finding dozens of links that come from low-quality site domains. Natural link patterns are also indicated by keywords on a site.

If you are a real estate contract and get links mainly from real estate bloggers or home photo wallpaper sites, you are on the right track.

However, if a backlink comes in from an unrelated site, or has nothing to do with real estate, that’s a concern.

Your website is about a Real Estate Contractor, but you get a Backlink from your uncle’s site on the topic ‘chicken farms’, ho hoo …

Backlink Authority:

The relevance of links and age domains ( aged domains ) are the main components under the umbrella of backlink authority.

Make sure that, every backlink you use is relevant and powerful. Because this will add a layer of trust (trust).

Authoritative links are relevant and time-tested. That’s a simple concept.

Every blog writer can throw a few backlinks on each paragraph, but when talking about SEO, quality is almost always in charge of the quantity.

Domain Age:

Although this can be categorized under the authority of the link, the age of the domain can give an average value from being a high-quality backlink.

Links that have been around for a few years, add an element of trust that younger links cannot have.

Meanwhile, younger links, of course, can perform well in search and can offer valuable content.

Older sites with consistent ownership still have more value in Google’s eyes.

And no one can manipulate age.

What Is The Effect Of High-Quality Backlinks On SEO?

We have defined what a high-quality backlink is. Why is this important? And how are they used?

High-quality backlinks are arguably the most significant determinant of a website’s ranking.

Content is undoubted, he is king. And in today’s digital marketing climate, unique and value-centered content is probably the best tool for anyone doing SEO.

High-quality backlinks woven into high-quality content are an ‘airtight’ recipe for going up the Google ladder.

Backlinks are important, but these high-quality backlinks are decisive.

Domain Authority / DA, also, should not be forgotten. Some metrics from Moz can see the overall score of your website.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a pretty accurate indicator. About how well your site is performing on SERP.

Also is the term Page Authority (PA). Page authority – another score metric developed by Moz – measures and shows the strength of each web page in a site domain.

DA and PA, function as significant measuring sticks.

Besides Moz, there are several versions that can be a reference. We will discuss this in another section.

High-quality backlinks are also a major supplement in improving DA-PA websites.

Multiple Backlinks From The Same Root Domain?

In short, linking to the root domain (root) refers to the number of other sites.

We already know that SEO is not just about the number of backlinks. But the value of links – link equity – is important.

The more your web pages are linked to integrated backlinks, the higher your page is seen in Google’s eyes.

The number of links in the same root domain doesn’t give much value. If you get 200 links from 10 of the same source websites, then you will be better off getting 50 links, but from 50 different website sources.

How To Make A Backlink On The Website

At this point, we have agreed; that quality backlinks are the backbone of website ranking. So, we will discuss how to build high – quality backlinks for SEO.

Website indicators that have high-quality backlinks, you can use the Domain Authority (DA) benchmark. In this case, there are several versions; MOZ, Ahref, Alexa rank, or others.

Maybe, between several versions, you will get different values. However, it will not be far adrift. They may use different metrics in evaluating, however, most of the same factors.

Among others are; SEO on Page and Off-Page SEO factors. In both factors, even though they are on different sides, link indicators still contribute to determining website ranking.

SEO On Page is a website optimization system from the internal side. While Off Page SEO external signal factor. For a more in-depth explanation you can read;

This means that you must strengthen your link building efforts if you want your SEO strategy to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or already understand it. You still have to build a backlink strategy one of the priorities. Now, the question;

How Do You Build High-Quality Backlinks?

Don’t give in to the temptation of using Black Hat SEO tactics, to get easy backlinks. It is unethical and does not help in general. In fact, high risk! Because the ranking will actually decrease dramatically, sooner or later!

Back hat here, to illustrate extreme ways and patterns that clearly appear to violate webmaster guidelines.

Even though it is heavy and through a long process, white hat backlink-building, remains the best choice. This guarantees quality backlinks that can benefit you in the long run.

Let’s See, Various Ways To Build Quality Backlinks!

This needs a process! Patience, hard work, high dedication, time, even costs.

Write For The Official Website

64% of bloggers write more than one site. Guest blogging is an inexpensive way to build quality backlinks – but only if done correctly.

You don’t need to write for every blog offering a Guest Post opportunity. Choose a website that has high authority in your niche. Also, investing in smaller blogs has the potential for long-term SEO strategies.

It’s also important to note that, you don’t post guests solely to generate backlinks.

Your article must also be useful for readers. Providing targeted and well-written posts are still the best way to get high-quality backlinks.

A good bio is also very helpful. At the very least, it must include your name, a good picture of you, and some anchor text that you can use to put up links to your website.

You can also add the “subscribe to mailing list” link plus your public social media profile.

Use Social Media

There are more than 800 million Instagram accounts and 2 billion Facebook users. That is a crowd with huge potential to reach through every post you make.

If you want your backlink to get traction, then you have to take advantage of this platform.

Social media is a complicated platform – your focus is not only to create quality content but also to make it interesting. You must be able to attract people’s attention, to encourage sharing and commenting. This increases the urge of people to click on the link.

Each platform performs in a different way. You can use hashtag # for creative backlink strategies on Twitter and Instagram. But, not so Facebook. You can focus on short video ads on Facebook, and focus on static images on Twitter.

Create High-Quality Content

If you want quality backlinks, you have to offer quality content.

Making a post just for the backlink will not get you the website you want to link to.

Articles that are well researched, make the difference between failure or success of your SEO techniques.

An entire website with junk content might get many visitors. But if you don’t have something of value, to offer your visitors, any strategy won’t work.

So What Makes High-Quality Content?

First, your article must be original! It’s okay to look at other resources to inspire your research, but that post must be something that you can be proud of, as your own.

As for the article itself, it must have the answer you promised in your title.

Make sure your facts are accurate with a legitimate source. Involve your readers, but keep it concise and to the point.

Needless to say, the article must be well written. Also, attempt to polish high-quality SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your posts.

Create Infographics

People want answers, and they want them quickly. In this case, keep in mind that; picture! Worth thousands of words. And you can use pictures and words all at once with infographics.

You can use infographics to get work done. Because it removes all distractions. Where does not reveal anything, other than the core information that people are looking for?

Adding infographics to your articles will help you get quality backlinks.

Visual elements, add value to your content. Simultaneously, able to encourage the involvement of your readers.

Other websites can also use it for their articles. If the infographics are aesthetically pleasing, and well-made, as well as accurate data, they will have a better chance of appearing on other websites.

And of course, if they use it, they must link back to your website.

You don’t have to be a graphic design expert, to create infographics. You don’t need Photoshop too. There are websites that offer easy ways to generate infographics for free or for a small fee.

Find Broken Links

This method might sound like it takes a lot of time. It’s about finding broken links on relevant websites, but that won’t take too much time.

Broken links point to web pages that are no longer available or may have moved to another address. This is an opportunity for you to ask their webmaster to link it back to your webpage.

To find it, first determine which website you want to link back to your site. Then, use services like Ahrefs that give you an overview of broken links on a website.

When you find a broken link, find out if you have the resources to replace it.

If you have published enough content, it is possible that you have one content that webmasters can use instead of broken links.

This method only confirms why you need valuable content. This will create another website, happy to give a backlink to your post.

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Read Valuable Resources About Quality Backlinks

You can excel from your competition by using the white hat strategy outlined above.

You can create strong and high-quality backlink profiles that will increase your site’s ranking. While producing better visibility and more profitable conversions.

But Is That All?

To learn more about creating quality backlinks, it’s a good idea to read relevant resources.

You can learn more about SEO and best practices, as well as other things that must be known for online businesses.

Free consultation for professional SEO strategies. Our SEO Expert Team is happy to help provide tips and interesting facts about how to build high-quality backlinks.

You can easily get a free backlink source. But how to make this free backlink rise to be authoritative and give your website a great supplement. We have the secret. Or if you want to look around you can slide to our Backlink Services landing page.

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