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This guide includes a list of infographic submission sites.

In total, you will find 35 infographic submission websites that you can use to build quality backlinks for off-page search engine optimization (SEO) and drive more targeted website traffic for your data visualization designs.

This page is divided into two sections: the first part covers the top 25 infographic submission platforms based on domain authority and audience reach, and the second part lists 10 more free infographic submission sites that you can use for your digital marketing and SEO campaigns. can for; Creating a total of 35 infographic sharing sites.

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What is an infographic submission?

Infographic submission is the process of submitting your infographics to third-party sites to increase visibility and generate high quality backlinks. Infographic submission is a type of off-page SEO activity that can help improve your website’s ranking position and brand visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Designing and submitting infographics on various websites is a good way to promote your business and increase the number of backlinks on your site. Other webmasters who wish to publish your infographic on their website are instructed to cite your URL as the source on infographic sharing sites. This means those websites get free content to share with their visitors while giving you a backlink to credit your site as the creator.

infographic submission sites

Top Infographic Submission Sites

List of Free Infographic Submission Websites

More Free Infographic Submission Sites

Here is a list of more free infographic submission sites that you can use to add your infographics to third-party websites for off-page SEO and to get more brand awareness and traffic to your website.


If you want tips on all the ways to use infographics for SEO link building, check out this other article on How to Get Backlinks from Infographics. It mentions effective digital marketing strategies for building links with infographics apart from using infographic sharing sites.

Which is the best infographic submission website?

The best infographic submission website is, followed by reddit and cool infographics. These infographic submission websites have high domain authority and a large audience for sharing visual content.

Below is a general overview of the top 10 free infographic submission sites that you can use to submit your infographic content. If you want to know more about the other 15 best infographic sharing sites listed in the table above, scroll back up and click on those links. There are overall 35 websites listed on this page that you can use for SEO for link building, generating more traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness.

1. Top infographic submission site on the internet with a highly active community for sharing data visualization designs. With, you can create a portfolio of infographics that include backlink details in details on how to properly cite your website as a source. There is also a source link in the sidebar which creates a fresh backlink from the platform. Also, you can use your profile for link building by adding hyperlinks to your site’s homepage and social media accounts.

2. Reddit Infographics

The next best infographic submission site is reddit which has a subreddit for infographics, Just keep in mind that there are some rules you must follow in order for your infographic to be accepted in this subreddit that are listed on the submission page. For example, don’t be too self-promotional or promote any one company or product.

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3. Cool Infographics

cool infographics One of the most popular websites on this infographic submission sites list. Established in 2007, this website highlights some of the best examples of data visualization and infographics. This is a free, unpaid infographics gallery that can expose your content to the world.

4. Infographic Review

infographic review Here are the top infographic submission websites for your content to be evaluated and reviewed by others. The team will rate your infographic design on a scale between 0-5 and users can also submit a rating on the quality of your visual content. This is a good way to get feedback about your infographics as well as create a high quality backlink for on-site SEO and encourage other webmasters to embed the graphic on your site when linking back to your domain. site is.

5. Infographic Bee

infographic bee One of the simplest to use free infographic submission sites online. This site’s homepage has a high Page Authority score which is good for passing internal PageRank to SEO for backlinks in the description of your infographic. There are two ways to submit your infographics for inclusion on this site. The free option can take several weeks for approval and the paid option guarantees an express review within 2-4 days and share your web page on Infographic B’s social media channels for more visibility.

6. Daily Infographic

daily infographic Features infographic design and data visualization to help you learn something new every day. The site offers both free and paid plans for infographic submission in SEO. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get either a nofollow link or a dofollow backlink for your infographic web page. Social promotions and a listing on the homepage are also added benefits to the higher priced plans.

7. Infographic Journal

Next on our infographic submission list infographic journal, This site is a project of SearchRank, a digital marketing agency based in Arizona. It serves as an infographic archive that focuses on showcasing the best infographics on the Internet.

8. Infographics Showcase

infographic showcase is another infographic sharing site dedicated to showcasing the best infographics and data visualizations on the web. It has good Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow scores; However, submission is not free and requires a payment of $50.

9. Aims to provide latest infographics on various topics. Its domain authority score for homepage is 50 and page authority score is 53. However submission is not free. Packages start at $25 and go up to $99 depending on the level and quality of link building required for your infographic and website. There are several options for nofollow links and dofollow backlinks on the infographic source page URL and domain homepage.

10. Infographic Plaza

infographic plaza There is another data visualization site to consider for SEO and brand awareness. What sets this site apart from the other infographic sharing sites on this list is the addition of an infographic distribution service. Not only can you add your visual design to Infographic Plaza’s site, but it can also be submitted manually to other websites on the Internet for additional backlinks to improve your site’s off-page search engine optimization.

Now, in addition to submitting your infographics to third-party sites, you can also build backlinks with other types of submission websites. Check out these Blog Submission Websites, Directory Submission Websites, Image Submission Websites, PDF Submission Websites, PPT Submission Websites and Video Submission Websites for more digital marketing options.

infographic submission sites summary

I hope you liked this list of infographic submission sites.

As you found out, there are many free infographic websites that you can use for your business and especially many sites are considered to be the top infographic sharing sites for SEO link building. On this list for infographic promotion (or use all of them) to help you improve brand awareness for your data visualization content, control more SERP real estate, and get more targeted SEO traffic from search engines like Google Pick and choose the websites of your choice from. , Yahoo, and Bing.

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