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Jeet11 app download (Get 1200 sign up bonus)/refer, play and earn

Jeet11– Hello friends, today I brought a very unique and interesting topic on which we shall discuss upon that is cricket game.It is a very popular game in India. Like cricket there are many more games which are popular in the world such as hockey, football, kabaddiand many more. Read about f95Zone.

This means that if you are a sports lover than this is the best platform for you where you can play many crazy games.The only need is that you should have some knowledge about the game.


This is one of the easiest and best gameplay platforms. Here you can fulfil your all dreams.The real fantasy about this game is more you play more chance to win.

All the live matches and tournaments are held on Jeet11. Even the quiz is also included in Jeet11 cricket app which was earlier shared by share chat.

We know that we had lost much money in other game platforms. But now what we noticed in few years is that this app is the only app where winning chances were 85%.

Jeet11 FANTASY Cricket Application

Jeet11 FANTASY Cricket Application

Jeet11 cricket application has a unique featurecompared to other fantasy crick. application like Gold11 Free, Pro Team11, howzat crick app, Player11, Gamezy Free cricket etc.

That will attract everybody. The similarity of these apps is due to their interface.After doing lots of research on all these apps, I have decided to share with you. So don’t miss it.

This app gives good opportunity to earn quickly 100 Rs.without investing anything. But how it is possible? It can be possible here. You can earn unlimited money. For this you need to share this app with your follows. The more you share the more you earn.



In today’s market you will notice many app has started their referral program. In the same way for publicity as per market’s demand this Jeet11 app has started it refer &unlimited earn program. It’s a stable platform with more utility features and easily understandable.

This is newly launched application so the market competition may be lowcompared to other. You can share, play & earn unlimited phone pay cash from one and only Jeet11 fantasy cricket app.

Daily income is not an easy job on such fantasy app. But here you will get unlimited earning. For this you must play a paid contest and referring others.The paid contest is similar to another app like Player11 cricket app.

If you don’t know how to refer and earn then I am going to share with you some simple tips in simple steps below.

Earn 100 Rs per referral in Jeet11 but how

Earn 100 Rs per referral in Jeet11 but how

Download the app to join Jeet11 Fantasy cricket app.

Must Use Referral Code SUVA399.

Android user download from play store or run the app in website.

Select language as per requirement.

Fill the blank as your First & last name, email id, etc in detail.

Enter OTP.

In current your joining is confirmed in Jeet11 App

As per promises 100 Rs for registration you get bonus.

With this bonus 100 Rs join the contest.

Remember nowithdrawal in check-in bonus.

By referring the friend, keep on adding your free bonuses.

Every time you share your link, you earn 100 Rs bonus on Jeet11.

Get instant 10% deposit money in Jeet11:Limit up to One Lakh

Send the link to your friends, relations etc. through Jeet11 app. When they click your link and register mobile no. on that both of you shall get bonus of ₹100.

Also, when they add money to their wallet you shall get 10% of each balance. In this way deposited balance can be used in paid contest (for each friend ₹100).

For instance, whether your friends, relations etc. add any amount like ₹150, ₹250, ₹350 on that you shall get 10% that means ₹15, ₹25, ₹35.

T o join contest you can download free from the android app. This app is not only lovable in India but also in foreign countries.

Terms & Conditions

The fantasy cricket Jeet11 app has no demerits because of its design and durability. It has lots of advantages with latest features upgraded. These are as follows-

  1. Referral Bonus ₹100
  2. Without KYC instant withdrawal in Phone pay
  3. Nothing can beat you if once you could withdraw sign up bonus to Phone pay.
  4. The 10% bonus is available only for grand leagues. If you are happy in making ₹100 than you will earn ₹10 as bonus credit. To invest more you need to pay from your bank.
  5. If we keep on earning with 100% bonus from this app than how the contest will remain for ever. After reading this please don’t react to my give statement.

How Can We Earn on Jeet11 Fantasy App?

How Can We Earn on Jeet11 Fantasy App?

To start with Paid contest in jeet11 fantasy crick app, should join in else contest. Before you join take care of your balance in account you received as bonus.

There will be many contests out of select any one to take entry whose balance should be less than or equal to sign up bonus. While using your experience create your one of the best team that could win.

After wining the toss join the contest. You will have your playing 11 team. To create a team, you need to select a wicketkeeper. It can be more that on wicketkeeper. Select 2-3 allrounders, batsman 5-6& bowlers 4-5

You team will consist of 7 Indian players and remaining 4 foreigners. Winning or losing can be known only at the end of the game. Your account gets updated automatically as the game ends.

I know what the joy is of the victory. Maybe you won the match and does the winning amount has been credited to your account. Winning and loosing is a part of a game.

But If your lucky charms worked out and you win then it may take 2-4 hours for the winning amount to be reflected to the account.

Jeet11 Withdrawal Processing

It is clearly mentioned that minimum withdrawal must be ₹10. If it is there, then you can withdraw as per requirement. Now a lot of questions will be arising in your mind, how will you transfer money in winning streak?

Then very frankly I would say, join the upcoming contest. You create your best team and play your best team! You can use your sign-up bonus or add cash in your account.

Wait until the contest is over. If your winning streak continuesthen it will appear on Jeet11 App account.

If you want to cash out your money less than 10000bucks, then no need to submit PAN card. If it exceeds more than 10000 bucks, then KYC need to be done.

The essential documents to be uploaded as PAN card, Bank detail etc. After verifying your document successfully, you could do further process of withdrawal.


We find all the games played interesting. Whether it is football, cricket, tennis etc. In this article I covered about Jeet11 fantasy cric app which is prestigiously launched.

This app gives you a lot of opportunity to earn. By referring new friend, you simply get 100 bucks. So, more earning is possible by sharing Jeet11 referral code. Only 10% of this earning amount can be used in grand leagues. 


Q1. Is Jeet11 Safe?
  1. Yes, Jeet11 is pretty safe as it is run by the one of the trusted platforms Share Chat. Not only this Jeet 11 is also allows betting under legal rule framed by the supreme court, as this is a skill-based game.
Q2. What is the most attracting feature of Jeet11 app?
  1. Jeet 11 gives you a lot more features from other fantasy apps like you can play this game without downloading it on your Mobile or PC that means you can play this on your Browser just by logging in.

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