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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Punchier With Memes

There is no denying that in an age when marketers find it increasingly difficult to attract the attention of their target audience because of rising audience fatigue and clutter. Memes are effective for increasing brand reach and boosting engagement levels because of the universal appeal of humor.


Even though memes are relatively simple to make, you still need to plan it out and develop the techniques of incorporating them into your content strategy to make your memes relatable and highly shareable, even viral.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Even though it has universal appeal, humor is particularly difficult to use since different people have different levels of appreciation. Humor is also demographically and culturally sensitive, so memes will need to take the audience profile into account.

Things that Gen Z finds hilarious will not even make Gen X smile, which means if you are planning to use memes in your content marketing strategy, you should know what, makes your audience tick, says a Forbes report. Knowing your customer profile, behavior, and interests will help you attract their attention and engage them better. Your memes will be more on target and will tend to be shared more.

Be Original or Engage In Memejacking 

When you design a meme, it needs to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience. Unlike other kinds of content, the advantage of memes is that you do not have to be completely original. While you can take a meme that is already trending, you have to create and use a message that’s not only original but funny and relatable to your brand.

Repurposing other people’s humor is the easiest way of making memes fail. While a majority of memes are based on trending topics, you can use memes to also tap the nostalgia factor. The point is to use something that appeals to your audience and helps to integrate them into a virtual community that can engage with each other to give the brand extra traction.


Many brands have also found success using satire or sarcasm to get their brand message across, while others have not been afraid to poke fun at themselves to make them seem more human and approachable, according to a Meme Scout marketing adviser.

Research Your Memes

The meaning of memes can be different for people of different cultures. This is why before posting a meme; you need to research all its possible meanings. It will help you to prevent a potentially embarrassing situation or inflict damage to your brand by posting something that is culturally offensive or insensitive.

A case in point is the use of the Pepe the Frog meme by Wendy’s. While the meme was originally harmless, it was soon taken over by white racist groups, a fact that Wendy’s neglected to discover. The use of the meme caused Wendy’s a fair amount of damage even though they deleted their post upon discovering its meaning.

Do Copy Successful Memes

While you can plan unique images to support your image perceivability, regularly, you might not have the advantage of time.

At the point when you should be razor sharp, you should exploit moving images to come to your meaningful conclusion such that supports your image mindfulness and underlines your promoting message. You can likewise continue reading patterns and advancements for chances of making your unique images.

Images Entertain Your Audience 

Clients are generally drawn in via online media when they’re engaged. Study-assist with siting SparkNotes gets that, and they additionally comprehend that understudies aren’t constantly captivated by their alloted perusing.


Along these lines, SparkNotes utilizes mainstream society patterns to liven up exemplary novel plots and fitting their administration simultaneously.

Make a List of Brands to Watch

What sort of commitment might you want to get from your substance? It can assist with recognizing brands that are getting extraordinary footing with your intended interest group utilizing clever substance.

Think about searching out contextual analyses of brands in your specialty or in related ones that are utilizing humor effectively. Distinguish the kinds of content they’re utilizing, read their blog entries, and follow them via web-based media.

Images Are Inexpensive Content 

Images play off of content that is made by others so you don’t have to make a unique video or photograph yourself. They save independent ventures and advanced advertisers time that would be expected to deliver unique substance.

All things considered, you can riff off of existing media by adding another subtitle or wind. Additionally, memers esteem DIY, low-goal content worry don’t as well in the event that you have restricted plan abilities.


When done right, memes can help businesses to refresh their content marketing strategy and help reach new audiences. They can make the brand more relatable with the use of humor in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

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