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Google has officially released a Google Assistant content feedback form that webmasters can use to submit feedback about this recent algorithmic change.

If you’ve noticed that your website has been affected by this latest helpful content update and you don’t think it should have been, this new feedback form can be used to communicate with Google directly.

Feedback you can provide about your site includes:

  • URL of the affected page
  • Query that shows non-ideal results
  • Comments about indexing or ranking changes
Google Assistant Content Update Feedback Form

Google Assistant Content Update Feedback Form

you can access Google Assistant Content Feedback Form Here,

However, there are two important things to consider before making your submission:

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  • The feedback you provide with this form does not guarantee that your website will regain its original ranking position in the SERPs. As explained in the feedback form, “While Google does not use these submissions to take direct action, these reports will help us improve the quality of search results for everyone.”
  • This form should not be used to submit URLs or comments for search results that you believe are ranking in the SERPs because of spam, paid links, malware, or other issues that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Huh. Google has a separate form for this type of reporting that you can find at: Report spam, paid links or malware,

Google Assistant Content Update Quick Facts

You can get full details about the Google Assistant content update posted earlier on the SEO Chatter blog or read this list of quick facts below to get a general overview of this algorithmic change.

  • Name: Google Assistant Content Updates
  • Announcement Date: 18 August 2022.
  • launch date: 25 August 2022.
  • Rollout Deadline: It may take up to two weeks for it to be fully rolled out.
  • purpose: To reward content that gives people first approach rather than search-engine first approach. The purpose of Google Assistant content updates is to display high-quality content in the SERPs that provide a satisfactory experience to visitors while reducing the visibility of content that does not meet visitors’ expectations.
  • Search effect: English only searches globally for Google Search.
  • Site Effects: This is a site-wide indication that applies across sites. Sites with a high amount of unusable content will be affected more than sites with a low amount of unusable content. Additionally, sites may receive a signal (or classifier) ​​that applies to the entire domain over a period of months while the algorithm re-evaluates the usefulness of its content; Which means the site must remove (or fix) the unusable content to remove the classifier from the domain.
  • Affected Categories: All website categories will be affected to some extent; However, the following categories of content will experience the greatest impact: online-educational content, entertainment, shopping and technology-related.

Supporting Material Update Feedback Form Summary

In an effort to receive feedback about Google Assistant content updates, the company released an official Google Assistant content feedback form that webmasters can use to submit their comments about this recent algorithmic change.

Submitting the URL of a website that was affected by an assistive content update does not guarantee direct action or re-evaluation of the content, but helps Google improve the quality of search results for everyone.

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