QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

Repair QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816: Instant Fixation Methods

Quickbooks software has managed to become the top choice of numerous professionals and entrepreneurs managing businesses. It makes it easy for accountants to perform all accounting tasks super easy and faster.

The software does not need any special expertise as any new user can understand its interface and tools. But all these features have made this software prone to several technical errors like Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816. 

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 is known as a run-time error which is normally encountered when you work on Quickbooks or try to access your company file in multi-user mode. 

After getting this nuisance error, your screen shows you an error code message.

Users find it extremely tough to find out the real cause of this error and fix it. If you do not fix this error the moment you see it then it can lead to data loss and other damage to your system.

To tackle QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816, we have created this informative post to inform you about the root causes, symptoms, fixation methods, and tips to prevent this error from occurring again.

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

Factors Causing QuickBooks Error 6189

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816 occurs due to certain factors that are:

  • Damaged or missing QuickBooks components 
  • Accessibility issues with your Quickbooks company file.
  • Some important files that are required for the smooth running of the Quickbooks might have been mistakenly deleted.
  • Your company file is opened or being used by some other user in a different system.
  • Issues in QB registry values in the system’s windows registry.
  • A user has logged in to your file via single-user mode.
  • Quickbooks server has corrupt network data files.
  • The operating system is being threatened by an antivirus.
  • Issues in QB hosting processes.
  • Missing.TLG files. 

Instant Fixation Methods to Repair QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

No matter how problematic and nagging this error is, you can easily tackle it with the help of this informative write-up. We have listed the proven and guaranteed methods to repair QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

Method 1: Running Quick Fix My Program via QuickBooks Tool Hub

Repair QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

The tool hub is popularly known for dealing with even the toughest Quickbooks errors. Plus, you only have to tap on the tool and leave the rest of the work on it.

How Quickbooks Tool Hub Works?

Let’s check out the steps:

Step 1: Installing QuickBooks Tools Hub 
  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Now start downloading the tools hub and after downloading save it where you can access it easily.
  • Then, open the file – QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  • Now, follow step-by-step all the instructions to install it.
  • Approve the terms and conditions.
  • After finishing the install, tap twice on the freshly created icon on the desktop.
Step 2: Running Quick Fix My Program
  • To run it, open the tool hub first and choose “Program Problems.”
  • Then, click on “Quick Fix My Program.”
  • Now, it will run and perform its work in a few minutes.
  • In the end, start Quickbooks and open your data file.

Method 2: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

The doctor tool not only fixes this error easily but also saves your time as the error can be repaired by just tapping on the tool. But remember to install the newest Quickbooks version on your system before performing the fixation method. 

  • First, visit the Intuit site and start downloading “QuickBooks File Doctor.” Now install it.
  • Confirm that you have logged in to the system as administrator. Now run the tool.
  • You will see two options on the system:
    • Network Connectivity Only.
    • File Damage and Connectivity.
  • Select “File Damage and Connectivity” and it will automatically find the damaged file and resolve the Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816.
  • If prompted, provide the admin password.
  • Now, the system will ask you if your company file is in the Workstation or the server. Choose “Yes” If it is on the server or else tap on “No.”
  • Choose “Proceed.”

Method 3: Access QuickBooks using a Different System

Access QuickBooks

This is the third fixation step in which you have to access the Quickbooks software from another system. The steps are:

  • Exit QuickBooks before starting this method.
  • Visit your Desktop.
  • Now, make a right-tap anywhere and select “New” then “Folder.”
  • Make a fresh folder and give it a name- QB company file.
  • Then, open that folder that has your company file.
  • Copy it and visit the folder you had created on the desktop. Paste the file there.
  • Now, access the file from the new location.

This method can fix the Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816.

Method 4: Running QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Running QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Running “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” is useful in fixing the error causes in a multi-user network. 

  • Download the Tool Hub (Steps mentioned in the first solution).
  • Open the tool hub and choose “Network Issues.”
  • There, you need to choose “QuickBooks Database Server Manager.”.
  • Inside the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, tap on “Start Scan” after locating the company file(s).
  • Important: If you can’t find the file then manually browse the file’s location and tap on “Start Scan.”
  • The QBDSM will automatically fix the firewall permissions.
  • Once you complete the scan, tap on “Close.”
  • Now, open Quickbooks software on the host computer and workstation.

Method 5: Setting Folder Access Permission 

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816
  • Firstly, visit the folder containing the company files.
  • Right-tap on the folder then choose “Properties.”
  • Visit the “Security” section and tap on “Edit.”
  • Choose “QB Data Service User.”
  • After that click on “Full Control” and “Allow” respectively.
  • Tap on “Apply” and in the end click on “OK” for saving all the changes.

Method 6: Using Quickbooks Refresher Tool

Quickbooks Refresher Tool

This tool is helpful in fixing this error instantly. The steps are:

  • First of all, visit the Intuit site and download the refresher tool.
  • Then save it on the system.
  • Now tap on the file- Qbrefresherv1.exe.
  • You need to tap again on “Yes” to the account permission.
  • Approve the terms and conditions by clicking on “Yes.”
  • After successfully installing the tool, tap on “Fix my QuickBooks.”
  • In the end, hit the “OK” option.

Final Words

Use the above-mentioned solutions in a proper manner and step by step to fix QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 correctly. We have listed the best rectification methods here to help you get rid of this annoying problem instantly. 

However, if you find yourself in trouble while executing any fixation method then contact Quickbooks Customer Team. The experts are highly trained for resolving any Quickbooks issue and will provide you the best guidance. 

We truly hope that the information here could be of your use. If yes, then don’t forget to write it down in the comments section.

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