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Rank Your New Website within 90 Days

Ranking your new website within 90 days is not a dream nowadays. Now Google robot is smarter than ever. It can read your blog or website just like a human. 

As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I can give you guarantee that if you can provide important, unique, and informative content to the traffic, your website will get ranking on the 1st page of the search engines. Read about how professional SEO services work.

Let’s jump into the deep.

9 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Rank Your New Website for In this article I will describe about the following:

  • Keywords Research
  • Unique and Informative Content
  • Content Decoration
  • Optimize Meta Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Active Voice Search
  • Optimize Load Speed
  • Building Traffic Funnels

Keywords Research 

This is the first and the most important part of search engine optimization. Without keywords research you can’t get ranking. Your target keywords should have some search value, low competition, and high conversion rate. Keywords should be long tail. 

For keywords research you can use the following tools:

  • Keywords Everywhere 
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • MOZ
  • Ubersuggest

Unique and Informative Content

When you have finalized the keywords, now time to make some unique and informative content. Your content should be helpful to the visitors, so that, they love to spend time to your website. Try to make some pillar content and some regular content. Pillar content should be 3500+ words and regular content should be 1000+ words. Your content should be plagiarized free and spin free human created. Now Google’s robot can read and understand the content.

Content Decoration

Content decoration is an important part of user experience. If your users are happy to use your website, the bounce rate will decrease and the number of returning visitors will increase. Google bots follows both the matrix for considering the ranking factors.

You can decorate your content using unique and copyright free images, infographics, video and audio content. All these contents can make your page attractive and engage the traffic to your website.

Optimize Meta Description

Meta description is the first impression of your website. If you can give a good impression to your traffic at the first time, traffic will visit your website; spend their time to your website. Your Meta description should be within 150 characters. It should contain primary and secondary keywords. The content of the Meta description should be attractive so that, visitors want to know more and visit your website.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a part of on page SEO. You can find many images, which are ranking on the 1st page of Google but their blogs are not ranking. When you can rank with an image, it can help you to get traffic and gradually it helps to get ranking of the page. You can follow the below steps for image optimization:

  • Take a unique image that never been used.
  • Use Alt text for your image.
  • Try to use primary keywords or secondary keywords as an image Alt text.
  • Use image title that matches with the page title.
  • Use image caption
  • Compressed the image size.
  • Try to use JPG images.

Mobile Friendly Website

Now 50% of the total web searches are coming from mobile. So, it is very important to make your website mobile friendly. Otherwise you will lose this 50% traffic. On the other hand without mobile friendly website search engines will not give you ranking. 

Nowadays almost all the WordPress websites have built in mobile friendly. Though if your site is not perform well on mobile, you can install AMP plug-in for your site. It will make you website mobile friendly.

If your site is not build on WordPress, then you have to customize JS for making your website mobile friendly or mobile view.

Active Voice Search

Now in 2020, 20% searches of total search are coming from voice search. So, if your website is not voice search friendly, you will lose 20% of search. On the other hand if your site is voice search friendly, you will get easy ranking on SERP.

For active voice search you need audio content with your targeted keywords in your website.

Optimize Load Speed

Website load speed is a very important part of user experience. Naturally a visitor waits for below 3 seconds for loading a page. If the traffic can’t see your page within 3 seconds, they jump to another site and it increases your site bounce rate. More bounce rate causes the lost of ranking in the SERP. So, you need a faster website for getting rank on the 1st page of Google. 

For load speed optimization you can do the followings:

  • Use load speed optimizer plug-in.
  • Customize JS for making your website light and speedy.
  • Use CDN for fast image loading
  • Remove all 301 redirect and 404 not found links from your website.

Building Traffic Funnels

Building traffic funnels is known as Off Page SEO strategy or outreach linking. There are many techniques to build traffic funnels or off page SEO. Here is the list of off page SEO techniques:

  • Guest blogging
  • Comment backlinks
  • Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Profile backlinks
  • Directory submission
  • Forum posting
  • Question answering
  • Social bookmarking
  • Email marketing

Read our another content about how to make high quality backlinks for SEO

Guest Blogging

It is the most popular and effective link building technique. In this technique you have to write an article for another high authority website and request to publish the article with your link. If they like your topic, they will publish your article with the link you provided. When traffic visit this site and click on your link, you will get the referral traffic from that site. In this way you can build your traffic funnel as well as increase your domain authority.

Comment Backlinks

There are many blogs accept comment with links, and some of them accept with review and some of them accept without review. You can do comment with your link for building traffic funnels. Naturally comment backlinks are tag with no follow links. But still, it can give you referral traffic.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 is a platform where you can build your own website for free. Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, etc are big name in web 2.0. All these platforms have their own traffic. You can build free websites on many web 2.0 platforms and publish articles with your links. As these platforms have big audience, you can get referral traffic easily.

Profile Backlinks

These types of backlinks are very important for profile website. Naturally profile backlinks can’t provide referral traffic to your website, but it can improve your trustworthy, domain rating, etc. When your domain has good rating and trustworthy, naturally it will help you to get ranking on the 1st page of the search engines.

Directory Submission

Directory is a good source of traffic. There are many directories where you can add your website for free. You should always remember two things for directory submission:

  1. It should be high domain authority 
  2. It should be minimum spam score 

Forum Posting

Forum is a place where people talk about many topics. When you find a topic that matches with your niche, you just join into the discussion and insert your referral link. In this way you can get traffic to your website as well as increase your domain authority.

Question Answering

Question answering platforms are very popular for getting referral traffic. In these platforms many people ask questions, what they want to know. Those, who knows the answer, they give answers with their website links. As the question answering platforms are engaged with a lot of traffic, it is a very good place for promoting your website and referral traffic. Quora and Yahoo answering are the big names in the question answering platforms.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a very popular way of getting traffic to a website. Nowadays, social platforms are the most traffic engaging platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc are very popular and top ranked platforms for traffic engagement. You can share your website page URL in these platforms. The links you shared became bookmarked and when anyone clicks on the link, it refers your page. In this way you can get the most number of traffic in your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a very popular and effective technique for engaging traffic to your website. In this technique, sales conversation rate is very high. You must see that most of the websites use subscribers form. When anyone subscribe, any update of that website goes to the subscribers through email. In this way you can get good number of traffic. 

End Words

The above steps are enough for getting ranking on the 1st page of the search engines for a new website. You can try the above steps and enjoy your time.

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