Useful SEO Tools

Useful SEO Tools for Beginners

Mastering the art of search engine optimization is not an easy job, especially if you have just started your journey in this field. If you are worried that you would fail in search engine optimization and would not win a higher ranking position for your site, we have good news.

In this post, we have listed some of the most helpful and useful SEO tools that can help you professionally practice SEO. SEO Tools are the utilities that can help you optimize your website and pages according to the requirements of the search engine. 

SEO tools can save you from hard work and wastage of time as they can also optimize your work. There are hundreds and probably even more SEO tools listed on the web these days. Still, not all of them are reliable and helpful for beginners. This is why we have only listed the SEO tools that are considered to be useful for a beginner in this article!

Best SEO Tools for Beginners to try in 2021

Useful SEO Tools

Here are the most commonly used and popular SEO tools that you can try in 2021:

#1. Ahref – SEO keyword tool

In search engines, optimization keywords play an important role. Without proper keywords, there is no way to win the interest of the search engine or the audience, for that matter. Ahref is a very famous web resource that can help a user optimize their website according to the requirements of the search engine.

The most common use of Ahref is to find and provide the keywords that are most relevant and helpful for the niche you are working on.

Ahref can find the right keywords for your content and help you check the ranking position of individual keywords and the competition they are having. You can also find the keywords being used by your competitor!

#2. Grammarly – Quality Optimizer

Grammarly is another online tool that is considered to be best for beginners. You must know that this online tool is capable of finding and removing errors from your content. When creating content for your website, you have to make sure that you check it with Grammarly.

Content quality is one of the leading SEO ranking factors, so you have to ensure that the quality of your content is good. Grammar checker and optimizer tools like Grammarly can help beginner users enhance the quality of the content.

#3. Plagiarism Checker – SmallSEOTools 

Plagiarism checker tools are the most important resources that you need for SEO. The search engine would only rank unique content in its higher search results. So if you want to win a higher position on the result pages, you have to ensure that your content has passed through the plagiarism test.

Using online plagiarism checker tools like the one by can help you find out whether your content has plagiarism in it or not. This plagiarism software is free and very easy to use, and this is why we would urge you to give it a fair shot.

Using online plagiarism scanner tools can help you scan plagiarism and remove duplication from your site. These plagiarism tools can also help you determine if another site is stealing from you without paying proper credits and attributions!

#4. Reverse Image Search – SmallSEOTools

The reverse image search tool by SST is another important utility that can help you up to your SEO score. This tool can help you find relevant and royalty-free images for your website content. This tool is considered valuable because today, users on the web are interested in visual content rather than engaging with a site with only text on it.

So to make your website visually attractive and engaging, you have to ensure that you try the search by image utility by this site.

#5. Article Rewriter – SmallSEOTools

Content spinner by smallseotools is another famous tool that can assist you in search engine optimization. To win and stay on the search engine’s top ranks, you have to keep on updating old and publishing new content.

The article spinner is an online paraphrasing tool that can help you rewrite and update your old content and create new articles based on duplication. This tool is also capable and helpful in removing plagiarism from your website content!

#6. Backlink Maker – SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools isn’t just a plagiarism checker website. Rather it is home to dozens of other SEO tools. As the name tells us, the backlink maker tool is the tool that can help you generate backlinks for your website.

You must know that backlinks play a crucial role in winning a better position in the search rankings by getting you a better domain authority rate and overall credibility. Natural link building can take a lot of time. Still, use the online backlink generated by SST. You can get the most relevant and high-quality links in less than seconds.


These are some of the most basic and religiously important SEO tools you should always have in your digital pocket. Also, know that you can also find a website SEO score checker and audit tools to keep an eye on different SEO factors of your site. For more details about SEO tools and techniques, stay tuned with us!

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