7 Reasons VPS is the Best Hosting Option for eCommerce Startups

VPS solutions are making waves in the industry by introducing increasingly affordable plans that attract number of users.

A decade ago, VPS was considered to be a stepping stone on your way from shared hosting servers to dedicated servers.

However, users restricted to a shared hosting budget can now avail themselves of quite inexpensive VPS hosting solutions. Read about why web hosting can make or break your web design.

How does VPS operate?

VPS includes a server that is shared by employing virtualization software to divide it into various virtual servers. These divisions are not literal, since, in reality, it is still one server.

However, the virtualization software creates definite compartmentalized servers that are assigned to specific websites.

Depending on your choice of hardware plan, you will receive a certain amount of disk space, CPUs, bandwidth and RAM, allocated only for your computer.

While there are certain hosts that compel you to stick to the given resources you have chosen, others allow you to automatically expand as your business grows and its needs with it.

VPS is comes with two different hosting environments Linux and Windows. So, one can choose the VPS hosting services as per their business requirements.

Linux is affordable managed web hosting service than windows based virtual private server environment.  

What are the advantages of VPS?

All the resources are allotted in advance and isolated to entirely be at your disposal, which gives VPS an edge over shared hosting. Here are some of the major advantages that are encouraging users to opt for VPS:

Separation from the activity of other users 

In case there is some issue with a user that you share your hosting service with, the VPS service will now allow it to affect you in any way.

If another user’s server crashes as a consequence of their actions or activity on their website, it will only crash their virtual machines, so yours will be safe and unharmed.

The physical servers are unaffected on which VPS runs the virtual machines. 

Maximum speed assured

Your speed on VPS remains top-notch, regardless of the activities of any other user being hosted on the same machine.

In case you have 3 CPUs at your disposal, then you will have those resources reserved only for your use.

The plan that you have chosen in your VPS setting will give you complete control of a specific amount of RAM that will always be at your disposal, unaffected by the on goings on the physical machine. 

On shared hosting, unfortunately, this is not the case. There are fluctuations in speed depending on the traffic other websites encounter during the day.

The resources are not equally allocated, but work more on who arrives first. VPS operates better, as the resources are assigned to your e-commerce website when you buy the plan itself.

Assured stability

VPS servers do not encounter glitches that shared hosting is renowned for.

The virtualization software helps avoid these problems by splitting the resources and providing your e-commerce website with defined resources from a dedicated machine. 

Dedicated space

There is always some hidden clause that helps shared hosting providers weasel out from delivering on their unlimited disk space claim.

Since all the users have to receive a fair amount of resources, it results in restricted disk space.

VPS hosting saves you from this hassle as you pay for a specific amount of disk space every month that is then saved entirely for you. Whether you use it or not is irrelevant. It’s yours regardless.

Root access

If you have extensive technical knowledge, you could install certain programs using root access. You will not be provided with root access if you have shared hosting.

VPS hosting is the level up from shared hosting that provides you with root access. In case you are serious about your e-commerce website and want to see it flourish, you need VPS hosting and all the resources and scalability it provides.

You can test the ground with shared hosting, but eventually, VPS is the way to go. It is much more affordable than dedicated hosting while proving many advanced features than shared hosting.

Security for your E-commerce store 

Several shared hosts have an SSL certificate that is shared amongst their users to cut down on costs and keep prices at an affordable rate.

It basically results in the certificate not being directly associated with your domain, which could cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your website if it sends your visitors a security warning that the security of the connection is not up to par. 

VPS will provide you with a dedicated IP address which will avoid this problem altogether by linking your domain to your SSL certificate. 

Managed server

The technical staff you have employed might be of much better use dedicating their talents to build your e-commerce website instead of focusing all their time and efforts on server management.

A VPS server will handles updates, monitoring, and upgrades by itself, thus leaving you with a lot of time to spend on your business. Managed VPS server comes with 24/7 instant support.

Most of the companies offer un-managed or self managed VPS hosting environment but for this you have good amount of knowledge to handle this environment.

But with managed one you don’t have to worry about server maintenance and management. Your web hosting provider will take care of it, they have in-house technical experts team to handle your server.  


The hosting plan you choose depends on the current and growing needs of your website. There are several benefits that VPS hosting services as compared to shared hosting services.

Shared hosting is an ideal solution for starting stage of small businesses. While both choices have their pros and cons, you need to conduct due diligence and make your choice accordingly based on the performance and security it provides, as well as scalability, among other features mentioned above.

The decision you make is based largely on which stage of growth your website is at. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the perfect choice.

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