What Are DA Backlinks?

In this article, we will answer the question, “What are DA backlinks?”

This is an important topic to cover as there is a lot of confusion about what DA backlinks mean and how they can help during a link building campaign.

In addition to giving you the definition of DA backlinks, you will also find out what metrics make a link a high DA backlink and how important this score is to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website ranking.

What are DA Backlinks?

DA backlinks are links to your website from other reputable sites with high Domain Authority (DA). Domain Authority is an SEO ranking score developed by Moz to estimate how likely a domain is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

What is High DA Backlink?

The term “high DA backlink” is often used by link builders when they are trying to sell a website owner on using their services. They will generally say that they can get you backlinks to high DA websites, which sounds great in theory, but not always as good as it sounds for SEO as you will learn later in this guide.

What is a good DA for backlinks?

A high DA backlink is a link to a website with a DA score of 60 and above. High DA backlinks usually come from highly credible sources based on the quality of the backlink profile of those linking sites.

Example websites with the highest DA scores include Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

Are DA Backlinks Important for SEO?

A good DA for backlinks is between 50 and 60 on the DA scale. Getting a good DA backlink like this can help in improving the domain authority of your own site, as long as the page authority of the linking page is high.

This last part about page authority is important to understand because the PageRank value is transferred on a page-level basis, which means that getting higher DA backlinks will not improve your website’s SEO metrics unless the referring page Should not have High Page Authority (PA). The link must also be a dofollow link in order to pass the most link equity.

For example, if your website got a backlink from a site with a DA 60, but the linking page has no backlinks of its own, it will have a low PA score, and the PageRank transfer won’t do very well.

DA Backlinks Summary

Also, if the backlink is a nofollow link, it may not transfer any link equity at all. (Note: The rel=”nofollow” attribute is now an indication and not a directive to Google, so it may still pass some PageRank if the algorithm determines that.)

Additionally, if the linking page is an orphaned page (that is, there is no internal link pointing to the page), it may become a low-value backlink even though it is on a high DA site.

DA backlinks are important for SEO only when the linking page on the domain also has a high page authority. Both DA and PA are widely accepted scores for SEO experts and link builders in measuring website performance.

As in this other article “What is Domain Authority?” As mentioned in answering the question, a high domain authority website usually ranks better in the SERP than a low DA site. But you must remember that DA is an SEO performance indicator that was created by third-party software (Moz). Domain authority is not a metric that Google uses to determine rankings in its algorithms.

DA alone has no direct effect on the ranking of your content in the SERPs. But if you take a closer look at high-ranking websites, especially for competing keywords, you will often see that these URLs have high page authority as well as high domain ratings.

Also, there are many SEO case studies that indicate that the PageRank value can be transferred internally to a website. This means that if a web page receives too many high-quality backlinks, it may transfer some of the link equity to other URLs on the same site by using relevant links in the content.

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