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This guide explains Ezoic Flickify.

Below, you’ll find out what Flickify is and how it works to create videos for online publishers. You will discover different ways to optimize content with Ezoic Flickiff, how to publish videos online, different ways to make money from this platform, and see an example of a Flickiff video.

By the end of this page, you will understand the purpose and capabilities of Flikify and how it can be an asset to your digital marketing strategy for your business.

What is Ezoic Flickify?

Ezoic Flickify is an online tool that turns written content into videos. Flickify gives users the ability to create professional videos using text-to-speech technology and visual animations.

The Flickify tool is free for Ezoic publishers. use My Flickify Affiliate Link Here To get started sign up and use it to create custom videos for your business and website. Early access is being rolled out on a publisher-level basis; However, all Ezoic users will be able to use Flickify until October 17th, 2022.

How does Flickify work?

Flickify works by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create a video that visually explains the written content. Flickify converts articles into narration and lets you choose a theme and any media you want to include from its curated library or upload your own image and video.

There are three ways for Ezoic Flickify to convert text to speech:

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  • Using an online article: This method works by entering a URL for a published article. Flickify will scan the text on the page and then pre-fill the narration panel with text slides.
  • Using a script: This method works by copying and pasting text from a script into a dialog box.
  • starting from scratch: This method works by typing the text slide by slide and selecting the media for each part of the video.
Ezoic Flickify Dashboard

Customizing Flickiff Videos

Flickif videos can be customized in a number of ways, including:

  • Narrator Voice: There are about 100 male and female voices available in different dialects.
  • Soundtrack Music: Upload your own track or use a free audio file from the library.
  • Background theme: There are around 60 themes available to match the style and mood of your video.
  • Media: Choose from thousands of royalty-free images and videos to use for each slide or upload your own. You can search by keyword to find the right media for your content.

use My Flickify Affiliate Link Here To sign up for Ezoic to test out all these features.

flickiff video setting

Publishing and embedding Flickiff videos

Flickify allows Ezoic members to publish and embed their videos online in the following ways:

  • On Humix Studio Video Library: It’s your personal library for the videos you create with Flickify where you can add descriptions, tags, closed captions, and more. You can also add videos to playlists and choose which videos are available for monetization with ad revenue.
  • Via Humix Video Network: This allows you to publicly share your Flickiff videos with other Ezoic publishers to play content on their sites while sharing advertising revenue.
  • Embedding on web page: This method enables you to add a Flickify video to a web page to enhance the user experience for your visitors.
Humix for Flickify Dashboard

Ezoic Flickify Video Example

make money with flickify

To make money with Flickify, you need to add your videos to Ezoic’s Humix video library. Once you have made this connection, you will be able to monetize your videos in a variety of ways as described in the chart below.

Try Ezoic
flickiff monetization method revenue share
Created videos are embedded on your website 100% ad revenue goes to you
Videos intended for use by other sites are shared over the network 50% ad revenue split with other publishers
Videos created by other users on the network are used on your website 50% ad revenue split with other publishers

use My Flickify Affiliate Link Here Sign up for Ezoic’s platform to use Flickify for free and monetize your videos.

Ezoic flick summary

I hope you liked this guide on Ezoic Flickify.

As you found out, Ezoic Flickify is an online tool that turns written content into video using text-to-speech technology and visual animations. It works with AI technology to create professional video content that can be used to enhance the user experience on your website as well as be shared on the Humix network for monetization through advertising revenue.

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