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This guide explains organic search marketing.

Below, you’ll find out what organic search marketing is and see examples of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that help improve website visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You’ll also get an overview of the top benefits of organic search in digital marketing, so you know how it compares to other channels like paid search traffic.

By the end of this page, you will understand the definition and basic concepts of organic marketing in search.

organic search marketing

What is Organic Search Marketing?

Organic search marketing is a digital marketing process that improves a website’s ranking in search results through optimization. An organic search marketing strategy focuses exclusively on unpaid results in search engines.

Types of Organic Search Marketing

There are a variety of organic marketing strategies that you can use to improve a website’s ranking position in search engine result pages (SERPs). Below is an overview of each method and how it applies to organic SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a type of organic search marketing that focuses on optimizing HTML code and content for specific keywords, so search engines know what queries to rank web pages for in SERPs.

off-page seo

Off-page SEO is a marketing method that works on increasing exposure and trust for your website through link building to generate high-quality backlinks to individual web pages.

technical seo

Technical SEO improves organic search results by focusing on server optimization and site structure to help search engine web crawlers scan and index websites more effectively.

Content SEO

Content SEO is a subset of on-page SEO; However, content SEO refers to the quality of the content and how well it meets the search intent of the user.

local seo

Local SEO is a special type of search engine optimization for local businesses that want to improve their organic search in digital marketing. The goal is to increase website presence in the local search area to acquire more local customers.

mobile seo

Mobile SEO is a specific subset of organic search marketing that focuses on mobile device optimization.

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Organic Search in Digital Marketing: Laptop with Search Bar

Benefits of organic search in digital marketing

There are lots of reasons to invest in organic search engine marketing. Here are some of the top benefits that you should consider taking advantage of organic search for your website and business.

effective cost

The top advantage of organic search in digital marketing is the cost advantage. Unlike paid search campaigns, which require a large budget for pay-per-click (PPC) ads, organic marketing doesn’t cost your business any money. Someone on your team can write high-quality content that satisfies the search intent of your target audience and use basic on-page SEO optimization like keyword prominence to get more organic traffic from search engines with minimal cost does.

enhances credibility

Having website search engines with high organic rankings such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can increase the perceived value and credibility of your organization. Therefore, organic search marketing is a good investment for any business trying to succeed on the Internet with increased trust in its brand.

Is Organic Search Engine Marketing Scalable?

Another positive benefit of organic search engine marketing is that it is scalable at any level of your business. You can start with one person in your company to be responsible for publishing and optimizing content for SEO to help increase search engine visibility for your company’s website. And over time, you can scale up your efforts by hiring more employees (or outsourcing tasks) to ramp up content production and customization as your budget allows.

Benefit Other Digital Marketing Campaigns

If your business uses social media or other digital marketing campaigns such as paid ads, organic search marketing can help increase the return on investment (ROI) for those initiatives. Organic marketing can reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA) to acquire customers at a campaign or channel level. For example, some search engine users click on a natural search listing for a business instead of a paid ad when both types are seen in the SERPs for a search query.

More Market Share Advantage

Organic marketing on search engines allows you to target every part of the buyer cycle so that you can attract customers at each stage of the sales funnel. You can publish customized content that systematically ranks people to capture throughout the buyer’s journey: awareness phase, consideration phase, decision phase and purchase phase.

high conversion rate

As your organic search marketing improves, more people will be familiar with your products, services and brand. Therefore, the conversion rate is higher as your company becomes the top-of-mind for the prospect. There’s less need to be convinced to make a purchase when people find your content through organic links.

long term results

Organic search is a proven long-term marketing strategy in digital marketing. As your website ranks higher in search engines for relevant keywords, those results usually don’t disappear overnight. If you’re focused on good organic SEO practices, you can often keep those top-ranking positions in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for months and years. Compare this to social media marketing and paid search strategies, which stop working as soon as you stop posting content on social platforms or paying for ads. Organic traffic is the key to long-term marketing success.

organic search marketing summary

I hope you liked this guide about organic search marketing.

As you found out, organic search marketing refers to a process that improves a website’s ranking in search results through optimization. Also, organic search in digital marketing focuses exclusively on unpaid results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By using certain SEO techniques on a website, a business can benefit greatly from its organic marketing efforts.

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