Why Personal Reputation Management Is the Key for Your Success

Why Personal Reputation Management Is the Key for Your Success

Why Personal Reputation Management Is the Key for Your Success

At one point, you must have surely googled your name and got shocked by the results. From past blogs to your personal social media accounts, you can see everything with a simple search. This makes one thing clear – a person’s digital footprint is searchable on the internet.

Want to know the key to managing this? The answer is personal reputation management. From what it is to how to build it, you will find everything you need right below. So, just keep reading!

Personal online reputation management – What’s so special about it?

You can liken your online reputation to a brand that needs protection regardless of the costs. Personal online reputation management is all about cutting down negative conversations and building favourable ones on the internet.

In today’s digital world, a person’s professional and personal reputation goes hand in hand. That’s why you need to observe it. Suppose you are at an interview for a good position. If the HR of the company finds something negative about your online, surely it will give a bad image about you to them.

The higher you are up on the corporate ladder, the more your personal reputation becomes merged with the company’s image. So, if you are a business owner or a CEO, then you should definitely pay good attention to ORM (Online Reputation Management).

Benefits of personal reputation management

Other than being a corporate asset, this has other benefits too. Some of them are:

  1. Makes you credible.
  2. You will seem more of a trustworthy person.
  3. Opens up better opportunities.
  4. Suppose you face a reputation crisis, this can give you protection.

How to build personal reputation management?

The personal reputation management system is a plan for ensuring your online reputation is good with some simple steps. Below are the steps that you can follow to build your own brand.

Land a thought leadership position

The truth is, you can control to some degree the narrative and search results that people see when they search for you. But this is possible with thought leadership tactics. First, identify the topic you want to own and make yourself an expert in it. You can also use an audience insight tool to know whether the topic you chose is suitable for your community or not.

Prioritise the networks you want to use

Once the thought leadership gets over, you need to think about the channels or networks where you can discuss the topic you chose. It doesn’t have to be a single platform – you can make it into a mix. Your decision should be dependent upon your target audience.

Role of SEO

You need to have a good SEO strategy because 90% of Google traffic is mainly due to the first page of results. Whether you scatter important keywords or make it Google-friendly, you should always make sure of SEO in your content.

Get personal reviews and endorsements

The more you get endorsements and reviews on your profile, the more trustworthy you will seem. That’s why you need to ask for a third party to vouch for you because people believe in such endorsements.

Go for a media intelligence tool

A media intelligence tool goes through the internet, scanning different social media conversations and editorials to find anything that is negative. This tool does this job every day and notifies when it does find something.

Final words:

For a good online image, personal reputation management is a necessity that you cannot overlook. Just follow the above tips and you will have nothing to worry about.

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